Kurzweil Music

How did Kurzweil get started? Kurzweil started their business by selling text-to-speech products until one of their founders met Steve Wonder and the idea turned into introducing some acoustic instruments like piano and guitar. Kurzweil started their official operations in 1982 with Steve Wonder as their music advisor. The Kurzweil 250 was a revolutionary instrument […]

ARTURIA Everything you need to know about Synthesizers, Keyboards and Controllers

Arturia Keyboard synthesizers controller cover

Arturia is a well-reputed electronics company that was founded in 1999. The company makes music software and hardware that helps emerging artists and musicians elevate their performance. Since its creation, Arturia has revolutionized the world of music through its musical instruments such as synthesizers, MIDI controllers, and more. Moreover, Arturia focuses highly on innovating, which […]