Dust covers for your precious instruments A dust cover is a cloth or plastic that is used to cover the instruments when not in use. Any instrument whether it is a guitar, piano, xylophone, or keyboard can be covered by covers easily. They prevent the musical instruments from getting exposed to dust, humidity, sunlight, […]

We sell custom dust covers for musicians Equipment

dust cover

We sell custom dust covers for musicians Equipment Professional musician and technician with the expertise and experience are very conscious about their equipment. They wish to keep their Equipment safe and sound for later use. We have the aim to design and develop the best equipment covers to provide protection to musicians Equipment. You will […]

Transparent dust cover for Keyboard, Mixing desk, console, Amplifier, Combo, Cabinet, Audio HiFI or DJ Equipment.

Transparent dust cover for mixing desk console

Transparent dust cover for Keyboard, Mixing desk, console, Amplifier, Combo, Cabinet, Audio HiFI or DJ equipment. New transparent material and the new experience with the Viktory *under cover* transparent cover for your equipment. The new transparent cover will be available for all Viktory covers made for the keyboards, mixing consoles, amplifiers, combos, cabinets, DJ Audio […]

Moog Sub 37 cover

Moog Sub 37 cover

Moog Sub 37 cover Dust cover for the Moog Sub 37 Moog Sub 37 Once reborn from their Big Briar incarnation, Moog Music’s first synth was the Minimoog Voyager Signature Edition, which immediately garnered a cult following. Released in the UK in 2003, it wasn’t quite finished, but was quickly followed by numerous updates to […]

Tasty Chips Electronics dust cover

tastychips cover

Tasty Chips Electronics dust cover ST4 fully assembled Custom made covers The ST4 is a unique device that combines a powerful hybrid analog/digital synthesizer with a 16-bit style tracker music machine. It has digital oscillators backed up with sampling for versatility, with analogue VCF’s and VCA’s for character. It’s packed with features, yet these are […]

Roland FP 90 cover

Roland FP90 cover

Roland FP 90 cover Cover for the Roland FP90 Hamamatsu, Japan, September 10, 2016 — Roland has announced the FP-90, the latest generation model in the popular FP series of portable digital pianos. With a no-compromise design based on customer feedback, the FP-90 provides top-level piano performance, attractive looks, and easy portability in one instrument, […]

Custom covers Viktory

Protective covers for Keyboards, Mixing console, Amplifier, Combo, Cabinet, Loudspeakers, TV, LCD, TV Custom covers Viktory Professional musicians ned custom dust covers for the expensive equipment, Viktory – under cover was started in early 2009 with custom made accordion straps  to fill this obvious gap in the marketplace to offer custom-made product for Hohner, Zupan.


The best of Waldorf, Quantum Waldorf Quantum cover   Overview Waldorf is proud to announce a new chapter in their tradition of designing high-end ground breaking synthesizers. Starting with Waldorf’s famous wavetable technology developed decades ago, it was always a challenge to give our instruments a powerful flexible beating heart. Our digital oscillators coupled to […]