Do speaker covers affect the sound?

Speaker covers, speaker grilles, and speaker dust covers are all the same things. However, their primary purpose is to protect a speaker and its drivers against several external factors such as pets and their claws or curious kids and their little fingers, that can damage the drivers and other parts of your speaker by poking their fingers inside if it is not covered.
Besides, covering your speaker with a cover does not affect the sound to a noticeable amount (more to this in the section below). So, it is a win-win situation.

Benefits of Speaker covers you need to know about:

  1. One of the primary benefits of covering your speaker with speaker covers is they protect it against dust. Fine dust particles can get inside your speakers, which can drastically reduce their sound quality or sound delivery. If you love the sound of your speaker a lot, then this is not what you want.
  2. Moreover, dust can also get inside the drivers of your speakers, which in the long term can corrupt your speakers. Hence, to avoid all this, make sure to invest in good-quality speaker covers.
  3. Another benefit of speaker covers or cover grilles is that cover speakers have a mesmeric design that makes your speakers look new and aesthetically pleasing. When you cover your speaker with speaker covers, you make them more cleaner looking. Also, make them stand out.

Do speaker covers affect the sound?

The answer to this question is neither no nor yes. It is because there are hundreds of speakers in the market. You will find a specific design for each of them.

Further elaborating why most speaker covers do not affect the sound quality is that most speaker covers are made of a soft screen and a transparent fiber that ensures that no distortion in sound occurs. In short, the only thing that they do is protect your speaker rather than reducing their sound output.

What is the recommendation according to manufacturers?

When it comes down to professionals, there are some mixed views about whether you should consider covering your speakers with speaker grilles or not. For example, some speaker manufacturers, such as Paradigm, a Canadian speaker manufacturer, recommends covering your speakers with speaker covers, as according to them, speakers sound better when covered with speaker grilles.

However, on the other hand, another well-reputed manufacturer Dynaudio, recommends keeping the covers off your speakers as they do affect the sound quality in some instances.

Moving further, we would like to say that at increased frequencies, the sound of your speaker can be affected. But it would be on such a minor scale that you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that majority of the sound grilles or covers are easily removable. So, if you think that grilles are affecting the sound quality of your speakers, you can remove them. However, according to our experience, this won’t happen at all.


The above-specified is a comprehensive guide on whether covering your speakers with a speaker cover affects the sound quality or not. If you are considering buying speaker covers, make sure to be familiar with the design of your speaker and be sure to buy light-weighted and soft screen speaker covers to eliminate the slightest chance of ruining your speaker’s sound quality.

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