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Music is an art appreciated all over the world. In fact, you have most often than not come across the phrase “music heals.” This should only point out the magnitude it holds in our society. As such, musicians, artists, instruments players, and other stakeholders in the industry put in the effort to produce music for the masses. To add to that, instruments have become a significant component in music, which can be seen through the various creations and innovations in the music equipment industry. 

KORG is one of the few companies dedicated to creating new experiences in music and music performances. Established in 1963, the company aims at creating an innovative environment where high-quality musical instruments can be made. This goes a long way in inspiring professional artists as well as producers and creators by providing them with top-tier instruments to use in their trade.

KORG UK is a proud member of the worldwide KORG family. They are responsible for heavyweights in the music industry, such as the VOX amplification.

Going through the musical instruments by KORG, you will realize that all of them are a depiction of what every musician is out there to look for. You can prove this through the clean track record left behind by the company. They are best known to analyze the current musical instruments, assess the shortcomings, and address them in the next release. This keeps on increasing the quality of the instruments, making them easily approachable to be played by anyone. This has seen KORG grow in the music industry, rising among the ranks to become one of the top suppliers and retailers of musical instruments.  


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KORG’s History

KORG was founded in 1963 in Tokyo. The two co-founders, Tadashi Osanai and Tsutomu Kato, first founded the company under the name Keio Gijutsu Kenkuiyo Limited. It is essential to know that before the two hatched the idea of coming up with the company, Kato ran a nightclub while Osanai regularly performed in this club. As time went by, the company started growing in popularity, and thence they decided to change its name to Keio Electronics Laboratory. The name was inspired by the fact that the offices were located just next to the Keio train line. 

As we have seen, the first iconic step to lay the company’s foundation was the development of an electromechanical rhythm device, DoncaMatic DA-20. The success of this instrument propelled the company to start producing such instruments. 

Up to date, KORG has been credited with numerous innovations. For example, it was the first company to incorporate effects on a synthesizer. Additionally, they are known to be the pioneers of using the “blend of sample and synthesis” sound design. This led to the company growing in popularity and rising among the ranks. They released an M1 workstation in 1988 that sold approximately three thousand units. This went down in history as their best-selling synthesizer ever. The M1 workstation is still held in high regard in our modern society; it is a top-tier workstation.

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KORG’s Inspiration

Since 1963, KORG has been creating new and improved adventures in music, sound, and performance. However, they have come a long way to be where they are now. Their passion for the music industry led them to develop the first-ever disc-based rhythm machine in Japan. Known as the Doncamatic, this synthesizer was a needle-type tuner that paved the way for more innovations to be developed in the coming years. As such, KORG has played a major role in the production of music that is part of the public by availing outstanding instruments to some of the best musicians to ever grace our planet.

In 1992, KORG assimilated Vox, a company that was producing guitar amplifiers at the time. They became the significant distributors of Marshall Amplification products, a pact that lasted until 2010.

KORG’s Product List

The company has been producing electrical musical instruments, audio processors, recording equipment, guitar pedals, and even electronic tuners. Below is a breakdown of all their products.
● In 1963, KORG released its first product, the rhythm machine.
● In 1966, they released the Donca-Matic DE-20, a fully-electronic rhythm machine.
● In 1967, they released the KORG Mini Pops, another electronic rhythm machine.

Throughout the ’90s, KORG released notable mentions such as the preset synthesizer, the bass keyboard synthesizer, the handheld tuner (they produced the first handheld electronic tuner in 1975), the dual vocal synthesizer, the MS series synthesizer systems, the Maxi KORG 800DV, the PE 100, and the KORG CX-3 (this is one of the few first Hammond b-3 clone wheel organs to be created.

Ever since the 2000s set in, KORG shifted gears and decided to venture into digital effects, modern recording equipment, electronic hand percussion, and even software musical solutions. This led to the development of much more advanced instruments, coming up with some of the best products being used till now. This includes instruments like
● The Korg CX-3
Legacy collection MS-20 controller
Korg MS2000
The MicroKORG
Triton LE
● padKontrol
● kaossilator
● kasossilator pro
● nano pad and nanoKontrol

In the 2010s, the company was first hit by the death of one of the founders, Kato, who succumbed to cancer. However, this did not halt innovation and production. In fact, they stepped up and created top drawer instruments such as the KORG Microstation, the KORG Monotron, the KORG MP10Pro professional media player, and even the KORG iElectricibe.

Different influential musicians have used KORG’s musical instruments due to their quality. Over the years, notable figures in the music industry such as Philip Towns, LaDerrick Perry Jr, Antony Williams, Jon Baptiste, and Jordan Rudess have all heaped praises to the company. This means that the company’s efforts towards improving the quality of music are being appreciated.

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To begin with, KORG has been in the music industry for ages now. They have grown into the industry and amassed loads of experience in the prices. As such, working with their products guarantees you quality and class. Their products just stand out from the rest.

Additionally, they have unbeatable prices. Being an international country, they have an extensive inventory that makes their prices relatively lower compared to the others. Getting these top-quality instruments at such a price is quite a bargain!


KORG is a veteran company in the musical and musical instruments industry. With a well-established network of dealers, it would be advisable for you to utilize their services.

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