What is a dust cover?

A dust cover is a cloth or plastic covering that protects your musical instruments such as keyboards, pianos, speakers, mixing desks and more from every kind from dust, debris, accidental spilling of drinks, dampness, and many other factors that can ruin them. A dust cover protects, ensures the preservation of quality and a longer life spam of your favorite and precious equipment.

So, a dust cover is an important piece that offers protection and preservation of any tool you cover it with. Let’s move on to discuss why it is important to use a dust cover.

You need it if you have pets

If you are a pet lover, and at the same time, a music lover, then guess what? You are in a lot of trouble; well, we might be exaggerating it a bit. But it is a fact that pets, in particular cats, can sleep or sit on your pianos and keyboards as they are flat-surfaced and scratch them just for fun! Moreover, pets also tend to lose hair, which can deteriorate your musical instruments.

Covering your musical instruments, particularly those having flat surfaces, can help you avoid these problems and make your musical instruments look brand new.

Increases longevity

Over time, harsh UV rays, dust particles, humidity, and bad weather conditions can cause corrosion and rust. All these factors reduce the overall lifespan of your musical instruments. However, covering your musical instruments with a dust cover adds a protective layer, which guards against UV rays, dust, and even accidental spills (if you have the habit of placing drinks near your keyboard). All this makes sure that your musical instruments remain safe and secure and lasts long.

Protect it from unwanted touches

Another added benefit of covering your keyboard or pian with a dust cover is that it helps you protect it from unwanted fingerprints.

Hence, to make sure that people understand how much you care about your musical instruments and that they are not there for unnecessary touching, it is recommended to use a dust cover on them.

Tips to choose the best dust cover

Below specified are some of the tips to consider when choosing the best dust cover.

  1. Washable – Make sure to buy an easily washable dust cover. For this, consider choosing a dust cover made of light fabric, as a light fabric is easy to clean.
  2. Quality – Now, when we said light fabric, we did not mean to buy a cheap dust cover, which is so light that dust particles can easily penetrate through it. Make sure to check the quality of fabric to make sure that it can protect your instrument from shedding pet hair, dust, and UV rays.
  3. Moisture resistant – Another factor to consider when considering buying the best dust cover or your musical instruments is to choose one that is moisture resistant so that it can protect your musical instruments from accidental spillage.
  4. Cost-efficient – Make sure to check the price of a dust cover you are considering buying, as the best dust covers are of superior quality and low in cost.

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