Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. General

Terms and conditions consist in accordance of customer protecting’s laws under the recommendation of GZS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia) and international codecs of online commerce. Online shop (in the following as “online shop”) is managed by Viktory – Miran Skok s.p., the provider of e-commerce services (in the following as “merchant”). In order for registration, the user gets a unique username, which is the same as their e-mail address and user’s password, which is set by their own. Username and password connected the user with their personal data information. When registered, a visitor guarantees, that the registered user is full-aged business ability adult. With registration, a visitor becomes a user, who has right to purchase. As a purchase, the user becomes a customer. with terms and conditions is defined an activity of online store, rights, and obligations of the visitor, user, and customer and business relationship between merchant and user as a customer of items from the online store.

2. Information accessibility

The merchant is obligated to make available the following information to user anytime:
Information about merchant’s identity (such as name of Company, address and registration number);
Merchant’s contact information for fast and effective communication (e-mail address and phone support);
Products and services information; including with after buy services and guarantees;
Information about products’ and services’ accessibility;
Information: and conditions about delivery services (especially place and time of delivery);
– about:

payment methods;
–  online offers duration;
–  time limit, when it is possible to resign from the contract and its conditions;
–  returning items and costs, connected with it;
–  complaint process and contact information about representative person of the company;

3. Items offer, availability and acceptance

An offer of items in our online shop is fast changing; availability of items is written by the item description. Every item from our store is available in the understandable time. The user can choose one of the following payment methods:

4. Payment methods

There are several possible payment methods:
Money bank transfer – transfer on our IBAN account (valid online price);
Credit Card

5. Prices

Online price is valid for all registered users and does contain TAX, unless otherwise stated. Our prices do not include postage fees and they are valid only for online purchase in our online store. They are valid in the moment when an order is submitted and have not time-limited validity. If price information is wrong and the price will change the value in the process of order processing, the merchant will:
Contact customer and notify them of the new price. In this case, the customer has a chance to change their order, cancel the order (completely or by part) or confirm order with new prices (without additional fees);
Allow the customer to cancel the order and offer them a solution, which will be mutual.

6. Buying process

6.1. Technical steps:

In buying process, there are several technical steps:
Login into online store with e-mail and password (if the user is already registered);
Searching for an item in our online offer;
Choosing:  the right item;
Adding the item to shop basket;
Setting the quantity of item(s) in basket;
– delivery services and options;
– payment method;
Checking calculated tax and calculated shipping fees;
Submitting an order;

6.2. Technological resources for identification and correction errors:

Before order submitting, the user can easily check:

Which items are in the basket;
How much does it cost individual item and how much is total cost;
Edit quantity of items and recalculate new price;
Remove items from shopping basket;
Calculate TAX fees.
Before order confirmation, the user can easily:

Change shipping method;
Change payment method;
Review and confirm changes.

6.3. Order Processed

After order submitted, the user receives a notification about processed order via e-mail. During 1 hour of receiving the notification, the user has a chance to cancel the order without consequences (they cannot change contents of an order). The user has rich information about their order at merchant’s website (My account).

6.4. Order Confirmed

If the order was not canceled by the user, the order is additionally processed. The merchant checks availability of ordered items and confirms or cancel (with a reason) the order. The merchant has a right to check user’s information via phone call on a provided phone number. After confirming, the merchant notifies the user via e-mail about approximately delivery date. On this stage, the contract is irrefutable concluded (watch 7th point).

6.5. Order completed

Ordered items are shipped in agreed deadline (after that the Merchant notify the customer via e-mail). That e-mail contains information about an order and returns policy.

7. Contract of sale

The customer gets an invoice with analyzed prices and explanation about cancellation right and returning items if that is possible. Contract of sale is in electronic format saved on the merchant’s server. The customer can access it in “My account” section. The contract of sale is concluded in the moment when the order was confirmed. As that point, the price and conditions are fixed, such for a customer, as for a merchant.

8. Cancellation right, item returns

The user has a right to cancel the contract of sale in 14 days since the order was delivered. The user has to inform seller at e-mail [email protected], but they don’t have to tell the reason for their decision. Fees, made by returning are on user’s site. Bought items should be returned within 30 days of a written message to the merchant. Items must be undamaged in original packing, unused and in unchanged quantity (except if items are damaged, broken, lost, or weight changed – not by user’s guilt).

If the parcel is physically damaged, has incomplete content or it seems that it has already been opened; the user should make a complaint at their delivery courier.

Item returns are not possible for custom made items (in dimensions, color or material), software, audio and video brackets or in case if the user opened safety seal.

For returned items, money refund as soon as possible (max . within 30 days of received written message). Promotion codes and other discounts do not return. Money refund is made to user’s IBAN account; gift certificate is returned as a credit note.

9. Guarantee

Information about item’s warranty is written on the invoice or warranty certificate. Warranty is valid due to comply manuals and conditions, written on the warranty certificate. Warranty time is written on the warranty certificate or on the invoice and in our web store. If there is no information about warranty, the item is not covered by warranty.

The user can apply warranty by the merchant or directly by the item’s manufacturer or by item’s accredited repair shop. The warranty can be applied to invoice or warranty certificate. The merchant or accredited repair shop has to fix the item within 45 days after receiving an item or change it with the same brand new item.

10. Delivery

The merchant will deliver ordered items to the user in given time. The merchant chooses the best delivery courier.

11. Safety

The merchant uses suitable technological subject to secure traffic between the user and merchant. We use 128-bit SSL certificate. Credit cards authorizations are made real-time with immediately data checking. Payment information is NOT stored on our servers. The user is responsible for his own safety – he can do the best with setting a strong password and suitable anti-virus software.

12. Children safety

The merchant does not accept any orders from anyone, who is a child without the permission of their parents. The merchant does not offer anything which would be harmful to children in their online store. We are not going to accept any information which concerned children, we are not going to accept any children information, not even share them with the third person. Every communication with children is going to be suitable to their age and it will not exploit any truthfulness, a lack of experience or loyalty feelings.

13. Privacy policy

The privacy policy is accessible in bottom navigation, on the link Privacy policy.

14. Users’ opinions and rating

Opinions, comments, and ratings of item are part of the functionality of our web store and are intended to the community. The merchant is not responsible for their content. The merchant checks comments, opinions, and ratings, and decline those ones, which are abusive. With comment or rate the user accepts Terms and conditions and allows the merchant to publish their comments (a part or in full version). Author of comment, opinion or rating provides, that the comment, opinion or rating is their work and offer it to the merchant for free and forever.

15. Responsibility

If any information is wrong and the price will change the value or available date will be changed in the process of order processing, the merchant will contact the buyer and allow the cancellation of an order or modify it (see the 5th point). Although the merchant is trying to provide accurate images of items, keep in mind, that every image is symbolic. Images do not provide properties of the item and despite different settings on the monitor, colors may be shown different. After the order is shipped, the merchant is not responsible for the item damage, parcel lost or missing content or open parcel. In that cases, the user (customer) should complain at delivery service and contact us [email protected].

16. Complaint, disputes and law usage

The merchant respects valid laws of customer protection. The merchant has a specific person, which can be contacted in case of problems by the user (customer). If you need that person, please call at +3862 621 32 14. A written complaint can be sent to [email protected]. The process of proceeding complaint is classified. The merchant will notify the user about receiving a complaint within 5 working days and will notify them about process duration. The customer will be notified all the time when the process will be active. The merchant will try it best to resolve complaint consensually. If that would not be possible, the dispute will be solved at the court in Ljubljana. The merchant and user mutually confess validity of e-mails on the court. For all disputes and terms and conditions is used Slovenian material and processual law. International privacy law is not valid and cannot be used as an evidence. This terms and conditions are based on Slovenian law.

17. Changes of terms and conditions

The merchant can in the case of changing laws, which are responsible for online stores, privacy policy, and other fields, which are in connection with e-commerce of our online shop. Changes to the terms will be published here. Every change or modification of terms and conditions become valid and used 8 days after publishing. If the modification is necessary, that changes can become valid sooner. The user, who does not agree with modifications has to cancel their registration in 8 days since publishing.

Terms and conditions were accepted by the manager of the Merchant in Ptuj, on October 18th, 2015.

Online dispute resolution: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

We wish you a lot of kind and good buys at our online store!

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