How to move guitar amp tube covers

How to move guitar amp tube covers

When it comes to the amp tubes, most guitarists tend to become reasonably fanatical. There is something about the hot glowing glass and the heavy iron being imposed through the grille that makes it so awesome to own and operate an electric guitar. As such, it is crucial for any guitarist to learn how to move guitar amp tube covers quickly.

Important things to know

To begin with, there are some things that you should be conversant with before you start engaging your amp tube covers. For example, some of them are designed to serve you for more than fifty years, the number sometimes even surpassing seventy. As such, you will find that some of them have oozed quite a lot of visual and aural mojo. This makes it difficult for the course of the playing evolution without them.

Additionally, most of them are designed to be refined, repacked, and changed in different complex formats. However, even with all this, the heart of a tube, as well as the circuits, have changed over the years.

Another thing worth noting is that over the years, tube covers have been neglected by most audio journals and guitarists. However, people who know their importance use them all the time.

How to move guitar amp tube covers

Why use these covers?

One might wonder, why do some people opt for these guitar amps tube covers? For one, they are known to have a functional purpose. There is a great need for you to shield the tubes primarily due to the physical location of the chassis. A good design will put the most miniature tubes as far away from the transformer as it can manage. In fact, the closer the tube is to the power transformer, the greater the shielding required. Additionally, when you choose the correct combination, you will realize how attractive they can be; they will look great on any system.

Using and moving these amp tubes is straightforward. However, as easy as it sounds, most people still find it challenging to deal with them, some of them even opting to avoid them entirely. It all begins with the selection. When purchasing these covers, you need to ensure that you get the right ones for the job. This means that you get the ones whose design matches your guitar amp tubes. Contrary to this, you will have a hard time trying to adapt to them.

You just have to push the covers in and try to turn them until they are locked in place; just two steps and you are good to go. However, if you do not do it carefully, the cover might fail to turn all the way until it is locked. They might even barely hold on to the amp tubes, and pop off their place after a short time. This might even happen if you choose covers that aren’t compatible with your guitar.


It is not mandatory for you to cover your amp tubes. However, it’s a crucial step towards the maintenance and wellbeing of your guitar over time. As such, look for the ones compatible with your guitar, and you will be good to go.

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