Korg Krome Ex 61 Cover

Korg Krome Ex 61

Anyone in love with music should be in love with the Korg Krome Ex 61 keyboard. Additionally, it would be best to take heed in selecting the best version of a Korg Krome Ex 61 cover; their functionality goes hand in hand. However, before we understand the cover thoroughly, let’s first look at the Korg Krome itself.

The 2019 Korge Krome Ex is one of the most anticipated updates of a keyboard version. It was developed as an upgrade to the 2012 Korg Krome, a keyboard that was starting to struggle with keeping up with the modern world due to its age. In fact, most people would compare it with similarly priced alternatives, for example, the Roland’s FA-06, the latter being more suitable at such prices.

That said, below are some of the notable specs of the Korg Krome Ex 61 keyboard.
• It has sixty-one semi-weighted keys.
• It incorporates polyphony, such that there are 120 voices in a single mode.
• It has a four GB preset PCM Memory
• Has double oscillators; OSC1 and OSC1
• It has a total of 1536 internal programs
• Has 193 types of effects, with thirty-two of them preset per effect
• It also has a sequencer with a16 tracks MIDI, sixteen user template songs, and 128 songs in total
• It also has a five preset arpeggio pattern
• It has multiple connections channels, for example, the line outputs, a headphone jack, multiple pedal jacks, USB type B port, SD card slot, and MIDI in/out ports.

The Korg Chrome has three significant variants, each of them having its own set of individual attributes. These variants are the 61-key, the 73- key, and the 88-key keyboards, the most popular being the Korge Chrome 61. However, it is essential to note that even though they vary, most of their internal components are identical and thus tend to have similar characteristics all over. The only noticeable difference is the number of keys as well as the key action.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Korg Krome 61

Below are some of the advantages of using this keyboard
• It offers the player a wide variety of sounds to play
• The synth sounds produced are top drawer
• It has multiple customization options with powerful attributes
• It has a touchscreen service that is precise and makes things easy for you.

However, even with its advantages, the keyboard also has a couple of negative traits. For example, some acoustic sounds are way behind time and therefore make it hard for them to be synchronized into modern music. Additionally, the user interface has a lot of irrelevant details that make it hard for you to navigate through. Lastly, all the variants of the Korge Krome 61 are not what everyone would have wished for.

What do you get to choose when buying a cover?

When buying a cover, some think you can only choose the color, but why stop there? there are so many materials you can choose from such as: microfiber, polyester 10201, polyester 10301, polyester 10501, synthetic leather or real leather. If you want to show off your equipment while still being protected, buy a transparent cover. You can also choose the padding, soft or hard foam? Your choice. And to make it even more personal, you can choose your favorite logo or text to go on top of the cover.

So to summaries it, you can protect your Korg Krome EX 61 music keyboard with premium covers. This is in an effort to extend the life of your amplifier. With the cover in place, the amount of unwanted debris, such as dust, which enters into the keyboard is minimized. Additionally, you can get a custom-made cover to add to your branding. With many options to choose from, it is up to you to settle on one that gets the job done for you.

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