Custom waterproof musician equipment covers

waterproof musician equipment covers

We all love music, don’t we? Musician equipment plays a massive role in getting that perfect harmonious melody that we call music. However, one thing about these pieces of equipment, for example, guitars, piano, keyboards, is that they require maintenance services for them to serve you for longer, and one way of doing so is […]

How To Order New Piano Key Covers?

How To Order New Piano Key Covers

A piano is an investment, meaning you will want to protect this expensive musical instrument of yours from different elements, especially the piano keys. Two primary things that can ruin your piano playing experience are dust and sticky keys. Fortunately, ordering new key covers is a simple process that will remove both problems almost instantly. […]

What Is The Use Of Dust Cover?

What Is The Use Of Dust Cover?

In simple words, the use of dust cover is primarily to protect and save any piece of equipment from dust, dampness, and dropping of any sort. Equipment can be of any type, a musical instrument like a turntable, piano, keyboard, or it can be your computer, printer, etc. Whichever thing it might be, instruments and […]

Bests Midas Consoles for studio, live and on Stage


Midas Console specializes in top-quality console mixing for live sound, touring, recording, large venue sound production, and broadcast. It has been enjoying the attention of many audio engineers since the 1970s and numerous artists throughout the world. Let’s Explore The History Of Midas Console Midas Console amplification was founded in the heart of the United […]

Who Makes The Amp Covers For Koch Amps?

Musical instruments are the most beloved for any musician, and they tend to protect their gears with their heart and soul. When it comes to protecting your amazing musical Koch amps from any damage, getting a good quality amp cover is a must. Several manufacturers provide ultimate quality Koch amp covers with different characteristics that […]