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ROLAND TD 20X cover by Viktory


High-quality mixing desk dust cover for ROLAND TD 20X Percussion Sound Module. Available in Microfibre & Polyester.


After receiving all information we will send you a quote for requested custom cover.


High-quality mixing desk dust cover for ROLAND VM 3100 PRO. Available in Microfibre & Polyester.


High-quality Amplifier dust cover for YAMAHA DG 80 112 COMBO.
Available in Polyester or Synthetic Leather.


High-quality Amplifier dust cover for ZOOCUSTOMS ARMADILLO 2 X 12 COMBO. Available in Polyester or Synthetic Leather.


by Wolfgang Schmidt on Viktory Dust Covers

alles bestens

by Fred Szymczak on Viktory Dust Covers

Schnelle Lieferung, alles in Ordnung. Gerne wieder!

by Torben vanHees on Viktory Dust Covers
Alles Top. Gerne wieder.

Alles Top. Gerne wieder. Artikel wie beschrieben und Extras wie bestellt.

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Affordable dust covers for music equipment

Music is something that fills everyone’s soul. However, if a musician neglects his or her equipment, where will it come from then? To prevent your instruments from falling into despair, you better take good care of them using top-quality dust covers for music equipment from Viktory. We are inspired by beautiful sounding and strive to help you extend the lifespan of your amplifier, keyboard, loudspeaker, or mixing desk for as long as possible.

As music enthusiasts ourselves, we know how critical it is to keep instruments in perfect condition. When they are transported or stored for a long time, they are at an increased risk of being damaged. Dents or a dust build-up can result in your equipment getting out of order unless you protect it properly. This is when amplifier, mixing console, and music keyboard covers come in. At Viktory, they are designed to be waterproof and available in a variety of materials, including microfiber, synthetic leather, polyester, etc. These add-ons will keep your instruments safe from dust, scratches, and other related hazards.

Buy custom music keyboard covers and have them delivered to anywhere in the world

Are you trying to gain a foothold and make a name for yourself as a musician? Make sure your instruments won’t let you down when you least expect that. Shop for keyboard dust covers at Viktory and rest easy knowing that no pollutants will ever affect your performance. At our store, you can go for the best protection item for your synthesizer, MIDI-controller, arranger, etc.

You should no longer wonder where to buy a music keyboard dust cover that fits your instrument model. We can custom make and then deliver it to you in an eco-friendly paper bag for a reasonable price. Start shopping and keep in mind that we accept everything from PayPal to credit cards for payments!