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Mix Blog Studio: Residual Knowledge
Mike Levine, our intrepid studio blogger and composer. uncovers a recorded conversation between a grandfather and grandson on the process of composing for commercials.
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Classic Track: Semisonic’s “Closing Time”
If it had not been for producer Steve Lillywhite, who had nothing to do with the actual recording, Semisonic’s “Feeling Strangely Fine” and its hit single “Closing Time” would never have seen the light of day.
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Mikaela Davis’ “Special Delivery”
Producer John Congleton works with plenty of established artists, with recent credits including The Decemberists, St. Vincent and Blondie. But there’s a special place in this producer’s heart for young talent, and he found it with harpist Mikaela Davis.
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  1. Special Podcast

John and Helen Meyer’s 50-Year Journey: A Sonic Love Story
Join Mix editor Tom Kenny as he interviews the Meyers from the Don Pearson Theater in the company’s Berkeley headquarters on their 50-year anniversary of the Summer of Love.Departments

  1. FEATURED PRODUCTS: Studio Consoles 2018
    FEATURED PRODUCTS: Hypeddit Unveils LoudLinks Music Sharing
    SOUND REINFORCEMENT: Sweetwater Studios to Host Recording Master Class
    SOUND REINFORCEMENT: Moog Foundation Moves to Home of Future Moogseum
  2. Audio Podcasts

Audio Podcasts: Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television 2017
Mix Magazine presented the fourth annual Sound for Film and TV event, an all-day exhibition and conference spotlighting the technologies and techniques behind sound for picture, from production to playback.

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August 22, 2018


Learn Jimi Hendrix’s “Skipping the Root” Chord Trick
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Watch John Lee Hooker Play “Boogie Chillen'” with the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton in 1989
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Mooer Debuts Three New Micro Preamp Mini-Pedals
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DVD Blowout Sale!
Starting at .99 per dvd – select titles included in the sale.
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Subscribe today to Guitar Player
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Try This Super-Difficult Finger Exercise
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Learn 18 Country-Shred Licks With Double-Stops, Pedal-Steel Bends and Other Tricks of the Trade
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Review: Supro’s Stunning 1695RTH Black Magick Reverb
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GP’s Jude Gold Interviews Michael Staertow in Episode 75 of No Guitar Is Safe
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August 22, 2018


Pentatonic Boxes That Don’t Suck
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Alice In Chains: The Untold Story—Layne Staley’s Final Gloomy Days as the Frontman of Seattle’s Grunge Legends
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Learn Jimi Hendrix’s “Skipping the Root” Chord Trick
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Mastodon’s Brent Hinds is Selling Studio + Stage Guitars and Other Gear
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Watch Journey’s Neal Schon Perform An Onstage Tribute to Aretha Franklin
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See a Terrific Video of The Clash Playing in Munich in 1977
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Richie Faulkner Lesson: Your Heroes and Your Own Sound
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How to Swing Guitar Scales Like a Horn Player
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Hear Revocation’s New Song, “The Outer Ones”
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Introducing Ultimate Gear Guide: A Safe Haven for the Gear Obsessed
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Why This Is the Perfect Time to Subscribe to Guitar World Magazine
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DVD Blowout Sale! Select DVDs Starting from 99¢!
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We sell custom dust covers for musicians Equipment

dust cover

We sell custom dust covers for musicians Equipment Professional musician and technician with the expertise and experience are very conscious about their equipment. They wish to keep their Equipment safe and sound for later use. We have the aim to design and develop the best equipment covers to provide protection to musicians Equipment. You will […]

Transparent dust cover for Keyboard, Mixing desk, console, Amplifier, Combo, Cabinet, Audio HiFI or DJ Equipment.

Transparent dust cover for mixing desk console

Transparent dust cover for Keyboard, Mixing desk, console, Amplifier, Combo, Cabinet, Audio HiFI or DJ equipment. New transparent material and the new experience with the Viktory *under cover* transparent cover for your equipment. The new transparent cover will be available for all Viktory covers made for the keyboards, mixing consoles, amplifiers, combos, cabinets, DJ Audio […]

Moog Sub 37 cover

Moog Sub 37 cover

Moog Sub 37 cover Dust cover for the Moog Sub 37 Moog Sub 37 Once reborn from their Big Briar incarnation, Moog Music’s first synth was the Minimoog Voyager Signature Edition, which immediately garnered a cult following. Released in the UK in 2003, it wasn’t quite finished, but was quickly followed by numerous updates to […]

Tasty Chips Electronics dust cover

tastychips cover

Tasty Chips Electronics dust cover ST4 fully assembled Custom made covers The ST4 is a unique device that combines a powerful hybrid analog/digital synthesizer with a 16-bit style tracker music machine. It has digital oscillators backed up with sampling for versatility, with analogue VCF’s and VCA’s for character. It’s packed with features, yet these are […]

Roland FP 90 cover

Roland FP90 cover

Roland FP 90 cover Cover for the Roland FP90 Hamamatsu, Japan, September 10, 2016 — Roland has announced the FP-90, the latest generation model in the popular FP series of portable digital pianos. With a no-compromise design based on customer feedback, the FP-90 provides top-level piano performance, attractive looks, and easy portability in one instrument, […]

Custom covers Viktory

Protective covers for Keyboards, Mixing console, Amplifier, Combo, Cabinet, Loudspeakers, TV, LCD, TV Custom covers Viktory Professional musicians ned custom dust covers for the expensive equipment, Viktory – under cover was started in early 2009 with custom made accordion straps  to fill this obvious gap in the marketplace to offer custom-made product for Hohner, Zupan.

Custom dust covers

Viktory Shop under cover Custom dust covers Custom dust cover for Keyboard, Workstation, Midi, E Piano, mixing console, Amplifiers, Combo, Cabinet, Loudspeakers, The production of custom covers is hand made, the order is possible to proceed in the viktoryshop dot com and german shop viktoryshop dot de. There is the one special category custom covers […]

Custom made covers for Guitar AMP Amplifiers Combos Cabinets

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VIKTORY under cover Custom made covers for Guitar AMP Amplifiers Combos Cabinets Guitar AMP Amplifier cover, dust cover transport cover Guitar, Combo cover Guitar Cabinet cover, Custom made cover cover, dust cover, custom made cover, viktory, under cover viktory,  Schutzhülle für Gitarrenverstärker, Schutzhülle, Abdeckung, Abdeckhaube, Gitarre, Abdeckung nach maß, Maßgeschneiderte Abdeckung, Gitarrenverstärker, under cover Schutzhüllen Abdeckungen für Amps […]