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How did Kurzweil get started?

Kurzweil started their business by selling text-to-speech products until one of their founders met Steve Wonder and the idea turned into introducing some acoustic instruments like piano and guitar.

Kurzweil started their official operations in 1982 with Steve Wonder as their music advisor. The Kurzweil 250 was a revolutionary instrument when it first launched at the 1983 NAMM Show. People were amazed not only by its ability to capture an authentic piano feel with realistic looks, but also because they felt as if this new technology could one day replace their beloved grand pianos entirely!

They started shipping the product in 1984, and it quickly became recognized as a revolutionary new way to play the piano. The grand pianos, which were once played by hand with delicate touches on keys, are now slowly going out of style.

In the early 2000s, Kurzweil created a range of digital keyboards that were both sophisticated and realistic. In addition to maintaining high-quality sound production, they also provided musicians with access to not only traditional instruments but new techniques like sound modification as well!

Kurzweil has long been recognized for its musical expertise in creating top-of-the-line singing machines (synthesizers); however, over time their lineup began expanding into other areas such as drums which can be programmed using either physical or electronic pads instead if you’re feeling analog about it all. By taking advantage of these latest advances, we developed succession series keyboard models, each bringing something different yet equally impressive.

Awards Won By Kurzweil

Product Categories:

Kurzweil keyboards are designed for all levels of keyboard players. There is no differentiation in the products due to the level of expertise. They have similar technical specifications and features, which makes it easy for anyone to choose one based on their needs. The systems are feature-packed, ranging from 61-key boards with natural weighted hammer action to home keyboards with lighted keys.

There are major categories in which Kurzweil operates. From professional keyboards to speakers and musical accessories, they offer almost all products in musical instruments.

Pro Keyboards:

High-end artists use these instruments to create music with pinpoint accuracy. Here are some types of products you can find in this category.

1. Workstation Synthesizer:

Technically, a workstation is a general term for any synthesizer on which you can produce complete musical tracks on, with all of its features and options. Some of the best products in this category are k2700 and PC4.

2. Stage Pianos:

Stage pianos are a new genre of digital piano which combines the versatility of a stage piano with the portability of an acoustic model.

Unlike digital pianos, stage pianos have been designed for live performance and require amplification.

In traditional analog pianos, key movement is translated into a continuous stream of air that is dispersed evenly across the hammerheads on each key. In digital models, keyboard scanning technology breaks down the signal from the keys into individual samples.

Digital pianos typically offer several sound options, including grand piano, electric piano, and strings.

Some of the best products in this category are SP6 and Artis.

3. Midi Controller:

Midi controller keyboards are keyboards that can be used as a MIDI controller. This enables the user to control music software with the keyboard, and use the keyboard as a synthesizer. The MIDI controller can also be used to control sound modules such as drum machines and other devices such as DJ mixers.KM8 is the top seller in this category.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are appliances that enable you to play the piano with just a tap of a finger. They usually come in sleek and slim designs and can be plugged into an audio system.

Digital pianos offer a range of rich and complex sounds, with the ability to modify it in any way desired. They’re larger than an electronic keyboard but usually have 88 keys just like acoustic ones do; these allow for greater variation than you would find on cheaper models where every key has only one sound available (or none at all).

The category is subdivided into 4 different categories. You can explore it here.

It includes:

  • Digital pianos.
  • Digital grand pianos
  • Portable stage pianos.
  • Portable arrangers.


Speakers have two main products, music amplifiers, and studio monitors. You can check the amplifiers here. KST 300 is the best-selling amplifier to date. For studio monitors, KS40A is the best product you can rely on.

Studio Gear:

You can find some amazing microphones and interfaces in this category.  There are two microphones you can choose from, KM1U and KM2u. These both provide top-notch voice quality in the studio.

Some other musical instruments like headphones and stands can be found I the accessories section.

Equipment Used By Artists

Many of the artists around the globe seemed to appreciate the products.

Cindy Alexander says, “It’s all about the “feel” for me – Kurzweil keyboards feel more like my acoustic piano than any other keyboard. The sounds are gorgeous, I’ve had no technical issues and customer service is first-rate”

She used PC1X and SP88 to produce some masterpiece songs.

“I am truly honored with this acknowledgment from Kurzweil Music Systems and am thrilled with this Artist endorsement,” says David Bach after using Kurzweil products.

There are hundreds of artists who appreciated the products and willing to leave reviews for others. You can check it here.

Final Words

You can find some of the best products for musicians and those who work in production or audio engineering here. If you’re looking for a high-quality microphone, interface, keyboard, stage piano, digital piano, or speakers – we have them all! And if you need help choosing between these awesome products – don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. We’re experts at what we do and would love to be able to help you make an informed decision about which product is right for you.

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