How to Remove Amp Cover?

What Are Amp Covers For?

It is essential to know the right way to remove an amp, as doing otherwise will put the amplifier tubes at risk of damage. Some music professionals do it for repair purposes, while some think this may get them sonic benefits. However, in most cases, professionals have observed that removing the amp covers does not provide any exclusive sonic benefits, but it may play a part in increasing overall ventilation. This means the amp cover removal can save the undesirable effects of too much heat production from amps which leads to dreaded EMIs.

Now the question is how to remove an amp cover safely? Well, we are going to list the steps for you so can remove an amp cover effortlessly.

Proper Way To Remove An Amp Cover

Let’s see the right way of putting the amps out of a cover.

Take the Screws Out

First of all, take the screws out of the back and then take the cover off. Set it somewhere safe; you will be seeing some screws which will be holding the chassis and the sleeve on top.

Now, before you start taking chassis, make sure that your power is not affected. When you’re handling this, you want to make sure that you don’t touch the components inside. Also, clean your fingers with some alcohol so that your finger grease doesn’t create a hot spot.

The ideal place to hold them is by the biggest transformer. Just get a good grip on that; it will be an excellent place to hold the chassis, and once you get half the screws out, get a good grip on the transformer and take the RSO screws out.

Make the Speakers Disconnected

Now, make sure that the speakers are disconnected. Do this to make sure it’s getting a reverb connection. Take a look inside with some lights and make sure that it’s free of any additional connectors or things holding in it.

Next, take off the last screws out with the one that’s closest to your hand first – take it off and set your drill down and pull the screw up. Hold on to it firmly while you hold the cover in your hand. Grab one side of it but remember some amps have transformers that you can grab while others have transformers that you cannot.

Examine Thoroughly

When you come to set it down, you need to first set it outside so you can examine it. Try setting it on a flat surface and set it down on the transformers. If the tubes are sticking up higher than the transformers, you want to keep it on its side or lying flat, but to work on it, it’s got to be flipped over.

So, take it and flip it over, making sure you are still not touching the tubes. Set it down like that and once you get it, open it. Be careful not to touch any of these inside parts with your hand because sometimes, the capacitors will hold a charge, and unless you know what you’re doing, it can get dangerous. This is a case with a conventional combo amp that comes with a chassis.

Final Words

There could be multiple reasons for amp cover removal from guitar amps, and repair is one of the most important ones. Most people are unaware of the accurate amp cover removal method, which puts their equipment at risk of damage. To make sure the tubes have their integrity intact, you need to follow these simple steps we have explained above and remove amp cover like a pro.