What Is The Difference Between Guitar Amps?

An amplifier is kind of an electronic device used to increase the current, voltage, or power of an electric signal. There are a few different types of guitar amps.

The “basic guitar amp” is actually an amplifier in addition to a speaker in combination with a cabinet. A combo amp contains the speaker and the amplifier, which is similar to the cabinet and the head setup, and everything is single in equipment rather than two. The cabinet is a passive speaker made to receive powered signals through an amplifier.

To understand the difference between guitar amps, keep on reading;

Amp Heads And Cabinet Setup

The amp heads and cabinet are quite light in weight as they are separate pieces of equipment. You will not have a rough time carrying them around as they are not super heavy.
Amp heads and cabinets also come in a lot of variety. Since they do not come in the same equipment piece, it is easy to mix and match the different heads with cabinets. This will help you experiment with new sounds and help you find the right balance.
These also offer good projection if you are playing at big venues such as outdoor settings. You might get more volume and power using this amp setup compared to other setups.

Combo Setup

A combo amp is compact enough to carry around comfortably. This is because all pieces are adjusted in a single piece of equipment. That means you will not have to take multiple trips to carry them around.

Combo setups are usually more affordable compared to cabinet setups and amp heads. It is because instead of buying two separate pieces, you are buying one. Amp head and cabinet setups are a bit expensive choice when it comes to guitar amps.

Combo amps also let you select between having a closed and an open back. A closed back will put the sound out from the guitar front. On the other hand, an open back will let the sound come out from both sides of the audio speaker. Most of the combo amps are made through an open back.

Combo amps work the best in small environments. So, you can use them for local gigs and acquire a lot more from this amp type than you think.

Conversions for Guitar Amps

Did you know that some guitar amps can also be converted from one thing to another? You are able to use a combo amp as a head unit or even as a cabinet connecting it to a head unit or an external speaker that you use.

Combo Amp As A Head

You are able to use line-out speakers jack on the combo amps for connecting a speaker cable through the combo to the external cabinet. Disconnect the head parts and the combo speaker and fuse the jack on the head unit cable for connecting an external circuit.

Combo Amp to Cabinet

If the combo amp has a quarter of an inch size cable connecting your speaker and head, disconnect the cable from the head and then plug it in the external head. You will have to disconnect the head and speaker unit of the combo if there is no cable. You have to fuse the jack to the speaker unit cable and connect it to the external head unit.

What Is The Difference Between Guitar Amps?

Can you Use a Combo Amp with a Cabinet Amp?

The simple answer is ‘YES.’ If the combo amp comes with sufficient outputs, it becomes easy to connect additional speakers to the combo. Speaker outputs on the amp need to be labeled with the right impedance based on the number of speakers linked.
Linking additional speakers will change your sound in multiple ways.

  • Firstly, it will give a noticeable boost in volume.
  • Secondly, if the extension cab utilizes an additional speaker type, you might see a different tone.
  • What’s more, a new cab will help you project and hear yourself on the show platform where you perform. You can set up your cab on the different side of the stage or shift it slightly for some kind of monitoring purposes. It will make your setup more versatile.