YAMAHA Music The Brand, Instruments, Speakers & Accessories

YAMAHA Music The Brand, Instruments, Speakers & Accessories

Yamaha is a famous Japanese brand known for its high-quality music production and transmission equipment and accessories. The company was found in 1887 under its business management section of Yamaha Group and soon made a name in the market with its wide range of products and the quality it is admired for.

Like the company itself, its logo has an interesting story to tell as well.
In 1898, just one year after forming the company Nippon Gakki Limited, Yamaha decided to use a tuning fork as their corporate hallmark with a design that featured a Chinese phoenix holding a tuning fork in the mouth. The logo was used for about 26 years, but with time, several changes were made as the company continued to grow. So, in 1916, the company decided to have just a tuning fork in their logo, but this time, there were 3 of them.

Fast forward to today, the Yamaha logo still featured those 3 tuning forks that represent three pillars of their business, naming technology, production, and sales. 

About the Yamaha Brand

Yamaha’s had its history started when its founder named Torakusu Yamaha, mended a broken reed organ in the year 1887. After a while, he successfully finalized his first-ever reed organ.

The Yamaha Company is based in Japan, with its main headquarters located in Shizuoka, Japan.
Yamaha acquired its original technologies in the acoustic musical instrument fields based on the seasoned production skills concerning sound creation in its long history. These have been passed on from one generation to the next. Similarly, in the field of digital music instruments and audio equipment, the manufacturing company has developed a lot of electronics technologies.

Integrating and drawing on digital technologies and acoustic level technologies, Yamaha is known for its innovative approach and worldwide products

Famous Musicians Who Use Yamaha

Artists use Yamaha music instruments and accessories all around the world. Some of the top musicians seen using Yamaha audio and visual products include 2Cellos, Abraham Laboriel, Adam Frey, Adam Topol, Akira Jimbo, Alberto Pizzo, and Alen Golos.

You will also see some Yamaha artists solely playing Yamaha audio products like Ales Klancar, who plays the YTR 9335CH and YTR 9445CH.

What Are the Top Sellers?

Unlike other brands, Yamaha has a fleet of top sellers.

  • In the audio and visual section, Pianos and keyboards from Yamahas are the best sellers from the company. You will get to find a variety of series available for pianos and keyboards. However, the Grand Piano in the GB1, CX, and C3 models are among the top favorites of people. MIDI controllers and the Electone series are some of the other additions that stand popular among customers buying from the Japanese manufacturing brand.
  • Yamaha Disklavier is believed to be the “World’s most advanced piano” with inspiring engineering and innovative design. It is also among the most sought-after products from the Yamaha music production category of products.
  • Speakers and audio accessories by Yamaha get the most spotlight – for example, the Yamaha NS F901 speaker comes with a promising buying history. It is a floor-standing speaker with its highly transparent sound adaptable for all kinds of data-rich, quality resolution audio sources.
YAMAHA Music The Brand, Instruments, Speakers & Accessories categories

Yamaha Product Categories

Yamaha Corporation has its primary business in the manufacturing of musical instruments business segment – it makes digital musical instruments such as wind, percussion instruments, and strings in addition to other music activities. It also deals in the manufacturing and the sales of the piano. 

The audio equipment business segment includes the sales and manufacture of professional audio equipment, audio products, info and telecommunication equipment, and various other products. Yamaha music also branches out to other sectors like automobile electronic devices, automobile interior wood components, recreation, and factory automation equipment, for example.

Yamaha manufactures various products, including:

Pianos by Yamaha

The first development for pianos came in 1900 with an Upright Piano – a classic design for piano which underwent further modifications. Fast forward to today, we can see and enjoy numerous styles and versions of Yamaha pianos now.

  • The Premium series, CF series, and SX series are some of the famous versions of pianos.
  • Moreover, you can get your hands on the Grand Pianos in CX, C3, GC, and GB1 models.
  • The SU, SE YUS, U, P, and B series also don’t disappoint.
  • Silent Piano SH2 and SC2 are also among the top picks of musicians.
  • If you are looking for more premium quality and top-notch touch, the portable grand series in DGX and Arius are some of the best ones to look for.

Keyboard Instruments

The Reed Organ, 1959 Electone, Stage Piano, MIDI controller, and the Synthesizer were some of the first additions in the keyboards from Yamaha Company. We now see digital workstations like PSR A5000, PSR, GENOS, portable keyboards like EZ 300, PSS, SHS, YPT, PIAGGERO, and NP 32/12. The latest category of synthesizers includes MODX, Montage, MOXF, MX BK/BU, MX88, S, REFACE, and MM.

Band performances can be made even better with stage keyboards from the Yamaha company like the YC series and the CP series. You can also get mixers like the MG series, MGP series, the EMX, and the AG.

Yamaha Speakers

Yamaha does not only manufacture spot-on musical input hardware; some amazing speakers are also products of the brand. Examples include the MSP Studio Series, the HS series, the MSP, and the MS.
Be it wireless speakers, home theater systems, soundbars, and HiFi systems, the quality of the products is quite competitive in the market for audio and visual electronic entertainment devices. The Japanese manufacturing brand incorporates innovative hardware technology in the devices to develop a high-quality sound system.

  • Some of the top-quality loudspeakers include the following: CZR and CXS XLF series, the Concert Club V Series, and the CBR series.
  • The line array speakers include the P model and the VXL Series.
  • The powered loudspeakers list of products includes DXS, DBR, DXR, and DZR, XLF, and DZR ranges.
  • For a more specific approach, buyers also like to buy surface-mount speakers from the company with the VXS, F, and M models.
  • The VS series is also an innovative addition to the company’s list of surface mount speakers.
  • On the other hand, some customers also like powered monitor speakers, another integrated electronic device, in the ranges of HS series, HS7, HS8, HS8S, HS5I, and MSP3A.


What’s more, Yamaha music sells several accessories – marching instruments, unified communication tools, music production tools, strings, brass, woodwinds, portable recorders, interfaces, professional audio products and digital mixers, and whatnot.

Headphones, keyboard stands, apps, MIDI interfaces, Firewire interface, expansion module, gig bags, strap attachment kits, and music rests are some of the accessories that are currently available to the customers by the Japanese manufacturing company.


Final Words

With its matchless quality products, we have to admit that Yamaha has brought the music industry to an advanced point with many new technologies. No wonder it is preferred by beginners and professionals all around the globe.