What You Need to Know Before You Buy an Amp Cover?

What You Need to Know Before You Buy an Amp Cover?

Guitar amps need to be stored in a well-protected environment. So, simply put, an amp cover needs to be durable and of quality material. These are some of the significant characteristics you need to be looking for in an amp cover for a guitar amp. An amp cover with quality fabric, for instance, can offer the best protection against liquids, dust, and exposure to chemicals that might disturb the quality of the equipment.

Things to Consider

There are a few points you must consider before buying an amp cover. These include the following:

Adjustable Fit and Right Measures

Most of the amp covers come in fit-all sizes and are adjustable for a number of different guitar amps. Whether you have a combo amp or a cabinet amp, these amp covers are made to adapt to the shape and size of the equipment just right.

However, before buying the amp cover, you need to make sure and check YOUR MODELL & BRAND, SOMETIMES THE YEAR OF THE PRODUCTION, the dimensions of the amp cover. This is necessary as sometimes a cover does not fit the whole length of the amp. This can make the whole function of the amp cover faulty. So, it is best to measure your amps first and then get a margin of an inch or two for the covers to avoid any inconvenience.

Fabric Quality and Durability

Typically, the fabric used for making amp covers is highly durable. When it comes to durability, you need to consider the tensile strength, the stitching quality, and the fiber resistance against UV and wear and tear.

Moreover, quality amp covers are fully liquid-proof, which means they provide the ultimate protection against any kind of liquid spills and chemicals. Look for quality synthetic nylon stuff which keeps dust out. Some have even piping at the borders, which enhances the overall durability of the amplifiers while also making them aesthetically pleasing.

Amp Covers with Padding and Panel Reinforcement

It is recommended to look for amp covers that come with panel reinforcement and padding. This is for increased protection of the amplifier and provides you with better longevity of the equipment.

This is especially true for storing the product in outdoor spaces, where amp covers are vulnerable to physical trauma and rain. Additional paneling and padding minimize the risk of damage that comes with storing the amp covers in the outside environment without any added protection.

Amp Handle

While it may not be a necessary feature for many, it is a characteristic that adds to the overall value of an amp cover. It is always better to go for an amp cover that comes with handles. This is especially helpful for those who need to perform shows at different locations from time to time.

Carrying around amps can be tricky as you need to be careful about maintaining their safety. The difficulty that comes with portability is also a fact that is considerable for many. An amp handle tends to address these issues right on hand. Some also feature slipcover handles, making it easier to carry the amps around with convenience. However, you must look for slips that come with solid stitching to avoid ruptures.

Final Words

Guitars are not inexpensive, which means you need to take care of your instruments to ensure their longevity. To do that, you must look for amp covers that are durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions and water. Added features such as padding, piping, paneling, and amp handles are some of the extra takeaways that multiply the quality of the guitar amps to a significant extent.

An extra tip for music professionals will be to add the amp covers that look a bit noticeable – logos and prominent embroideries leave a good impression.