Yamaha P Series one of the best portable digital pianos

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Introduction of Yamaha P Series

Yamaha P series is among the best portable digital studio pianos that are easy to carry and move around with integration for a wide range of instruments that include microphone inputs, backing styles, songs, etc. 

As they are studio pianos that are easy to roam around with, making any place into a recording studio is not a problem.
Also, with the integration of other environments, you can compose tracks and music like a pro. 

The tonalities are mesmerizing, and music creation is seamless with P series Yamaha.
If you are on the verge of starting a music composition career or enhancing your composition skills, P series Yamaha is designed in perspective to user-friendliness and convenience. When you will touch any of the pianos from p series, you will indeed have a splendid experience!

Features of Digital Pianos — P Series Yamaha

This breed of digital pianos, P series Yamaha, will give you the same natural sound and impact as top-of-the-line acoustic pianos designed by Yamaha corporation for more than a century. Stereo speakers inscribed in P series Yamaha are of uncompromisingly high-quality.

You are going to have a supreme experience with powerful tonalities, weighted keys, virtual vibrations just like you get when playing a grand piano, portability, add-on furniture designed for the p series, USB connectivity with your smart gadgets, and devices to use applications designed to control different modes and dual-voice mode.

Let’s talk about all the features of p series Yamaha that you are going to experience!

Conspicuous Tonalities

P series Yamaha keyboards are featured with powerful tones and this achieved by Yamaha by sampling CFX grand piano, Clavinova smart piano and many other products. 

Yamaha creates the best studio pianos. Many other built-in sound settings can be selected from the screen by going into different categories like electric pianos, organs, strings, dark pad sounds and a couple of guitars. 

You can change the sound impact by selecting settings for stadiums, concert hall, club, rehearsal areas and so on.

Incomparable Weighted Keys

Yamaha signature Natural Wood X keyboard action mechanism with anchor mechanism and synthetic ebony & ivory keytops appropriately wilted wood that was specifically picked to provide the same responsiveness and feeling like that of a grand piano keyboards. 

The weighted key of p series Yamaha has no match. When getting hands on the keys, it gives a very comfortable and soothing feeling, and you will fall in love with the instrument voices. 

The Keys are responsive and the impact can be controlled and customized digitally from the display screen depending on what you want or how your hand interact considering factors like age, hand impression and so on, with the instrument at any instance.

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photo par Michael

Powerful Resonance to Stimulate Your Ears with the Sound of Acoustic Piano

Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) provides bright and variety of expression to speculate factors that shape the sound of a concert grand piano. 

These products recreate the reverberation of the rim, soundboard and frame to imitate the real sensation of an acoustic piano. You will feel the same impact and sound while using headphones.

Easy to Carry Around and Occupy lesser Space

Yamaha P series is all about portability and mobility. All P series Yamaha keyboards are studio pianos and can be moved from one place to another safely and securely. 

The making is sleeker and minimal. So, this will help you create your composition anywhere and in any place very easily and effortlessly.

Furniture Designed Specifically for P Series

This is an add-on feature that Yamaha corporation offers. So if you are thinking of space for your digital pianos in your composition room, rehearsal areas or any other space, Yamaha corporation also offers supreme quality and high-end furniture, especially for the p series pianos. 

The colour, size and seat even area to place paddles are elegantly designed that will make your composition site or rehearsal areas very comfortable and elegant. 

Yamaha has a brief history in designing furniture not only for the musical instruments but also making high end interiors of luxury vehicles. So there is no doubt in the quality of work they have provided specifically for their p series Yamaha keyboards.

Furniture Designed Specifically for P Series

With Yamaha P series dual voice mode gives the instrument power to play two different voices at the same time. 

You can play a combination of any two of Bass, strings, piano, Electric Piano, Cello, French horn and guitar. Yamaha p series also have the capability to produce 256 distinctive key sound at the same time.

USB Connectivity for Running Apps and Controls from Your Smart Gadgets ​

USB port is provided to connect your smart devices with Yamaha P series keyboards. 

Now, you can connect your digital piano controller and smart pianist applications and at the top of your keyboard a support is provided that can be used for placing your notes of tonalities and device you are connected to for convenience.

Yamaha P Series

Version of Yamaha P Series

Yamaha P Series has the following Electric Piano models available:

  • P-515
  • P-125
  • P-121
  • P-45

Version of Yamaha P Series

P-515 is among the most elegant, and eye-catching models of the Yamaha for electric pianos. Designed is a modern way with Yamaha minimal approach to make it sleek and classy at the same time. 

It is very finely polished and inscribed into the wooden casing. It has easy navigation features and players need lesser space in their required in rehearsal areas.

Powered with Tonalities of the Wold’s Finest Pianos

P-515 has a high in demand tonalities of both of the world’s finest Viennese Bosendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX concert grand pianos.

Natural and mesmerizing sound

P-515 has a very natural sound and you will experience a realistic smooth sound of the grand piano that is achieved by using high end technologies Stereophonic Optimizer and Binaural Sampling. 

Yamaha P515 make sound so pure and natural that even if you are wearing headphones will give you the same impact and feeling.

P-515’s Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modelling

With enhanced VRM it is easy to analyse each of the 88 notes of concert grant from one point to another, upper octaves’ aliquot stringing, and complete reverberation of the rim, frame and soundboard. 

In addition, these strings harmoniously reverberate with others and gives copiousness and a colourful blend to the sound. The sound is smooth and damperless, so it will keep the flow even you have taken off your hands from the p-515 p series Yamaha keyboards models.

P-515’s Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modelling

P-515 will give you a classy and out-of-the-box piano playing experience with its powerful speaker system designed by Yamaha Incorporation with high end technology. 

The speaker system has capability to play bass very smoothly with Twisted Flare Bass Port technology as well as Yamaha’s sound refinement technology also has greater grip over low frequencies and a very effective in noise reduction. The speaker system deployed in P-515 has 15w + 5w amplifiers. 

The two way speaker system has remarkable clarity. The air turbulence that can create additional noise or impact the tonalities are channelized smartly and conveniently in P-515 of Yamaha p series that also helps in managing low frequency sounds to be played in a completely natural way

Touch Response of Piano Room with display and buttons

If you want to have a feel of a grand piano, P-515 is the exact tool for you. P-515 has a display of Full Dots LCD of 128 × 64 dots and custom touch buttons to control and transit you through different pianos and environments simply, which is at disposal of your touch with an easy reset option. 

You can go back to default settings just by pressing left and right buttons at the same time. Moreover, while running a simulation of a grand piano you can also open or close the lid virtually with the help of controls provided on the display screen. You can choose different environments by a bunch of touch buttons provided, clicking on categories button or via up/down, left/right buttons, whichever seems to be easy and feasible to you for navigation. 

The display screen also provides a graphical simulation that can help you easily figure out the position, for example, lid position and state you are in while playing a complex composition just by looking at it. Additionally, you can control the flow by selecting chorus, reverb, and other effects.

Record Rhythm Playback or Play with Existing at the same instance

Yamaha P series P-515 models comes with 40 different playback sounds that also includes drums and bass. These rhythms can be played and suited to many compositions. 

These rhythms will level up your musical playing experience by mixing these with your compositions smartly and create inspiring new ideas for your audience

Integration with Yamaha Smart Pianist app

Smart Pianist app by Yamaha is really smart and effective. It gets control of P-515 very smartly and make the piano a more powerful tool for composition. You can control everything from your smart device connected with P-515. 

Smart app also have a feature in which it creates chords of your music that is stored on your smart device and that can help you learn and play your favourite songs from Yamaha P series’ P515. This app also control the other features like voice, rhythms, tonalities and so on.

Bluetooth Connectivity for Speakers

P-515 has a built-in Bluetooth with the help of that you can connect with speakers, headphones and so on, to listen or let it be heard by the huge number of audience where you are performing your music for. 

This feature converts your P-515 into a supreme quality speaker system and your composition and performance with these type of stage pianos can be clearly heard by the large audience while performing in the live concerts or shows.


Yamaha P 125 Series digital piano 01

P 125 of Yamaha corporation P series is all about portability and price. There is no competition of this incredible piano models in terms of both. 

A sleek, user-friendly design with minimalistic approach. Players who are used to this tool love it and is part of their rehearsal areas.

Combo of Portability and affordability

It is extremely easy to carry out and play at any place. If you want to add an instrument that can help you perform anywhere, want to learn the making of compositions, going out with friends and don’t want to get apart from your passion, want to entertain your friends and family with your interesting composition or need to perform a special play for them without carrying much of the widgets, then this should be the best option to be selected that his all what you need in a minimalist way. 

In other words it is a sufficient tool for your music career if you are looking both into budget and portability. It is a complete package with a natural acoustic tune with easy portability.

A modern classy design

P 125 of p series Yamaha electric pianos was made keeping the purpose of simplicity and usability. This breed is designed considering the list of preferences that is needed most importantly for a piano for the compositions. 

The design are kept natural and minimal with some functions like split keyboard and dual voice make it a cooler model for many people.

Original Piano tune

P 125 p series Yamaha corporation has 2 way speakers inscribed in it which have rich and genuine stereo sound just like a grand acoustic piano action mechanism. 

The sound propagates in both upward and downward direction that gives the impression to the pianists as they are sitting at a grand acoustic piano.

Integration of Bass and Drum beats

P-125 comes with pre-configured Bass and Drum tracks. That can create a harmonious composition while you are performing in combination to them. 

 In addition to this, there are a variety of rhythms and 20 styles that you can choose and carry forward while practising or use them as a virtual band for your performance. This will provide your listeners a full composition of music even you are playing solo.

Easily Sync Smart Pianist Apps

This breed of Yamaha p series pianos connects to your iOS based smart device via USB port, and then you can utilize P 125 for more complex tasks and give exposure to many new features. 

These apps sync conveniently with P-125 and makes it a perfect instrument to compose a more complex composition effortlessly. With this feature navigation is also very simple and give you an action mechanism to learn quickly about the products.


Yamaha P 121 Series digital piano 01

P-121 is a 10 kg light weighted 73 keys piano of p series Yamaha. It is extremely simple and easy to understand. If your movement is high and you don’t want to waste the time and want to learn or compose efficiently without wasting any time this is the best instrument for you to consider. The keys are hammer graded and you can create your composition in a way you like it to be.

P-121 is very famous among people who have started their composition career and it never goes short in the market because this electric piano is the highest in demand products of Yamaha. The price is convenient and have many features that no other e. Piano models of this category could have in its minimalistic design. That results in high demand among players who want better results in their compositions.

Carry it and Play Anywhere!

Due to its low weight it comes with a bag designed specifically for the P 121. The design of the bag is stylish and you can carry it anywhere by holding it with your shoulder, at the back or in hand. 

If you bought it used the bag can be bought in separate or contact here if you need any assistance with a supreme quality sleek design covering or bags.

Preset Songs and Recordings

P 121 of p series Yamaha comes pre-configured with 21 demo songs and 50 piano songs. You can also record 1 song and 2 tracks in this instrument that would be approximately equal to 11000 notes.

You can have a favourable sound on hard surface

P 125 has a new feature Table EQ that help the pianist to enjoy the favourable tune of the acoustic piano by enabling it. So even if P 125 is played on the hard surface you will be getting a best possible sound from your instrument.It also offers USB connectivity for your iOS smart devices for pianists app.

Enjoy the aesthetic sound of Yamaha, play it, carry it and share it with your friends and family or audience you are performing in front of, anywhere by carrying it easily.


So, now here is the thing, if you are looking for an electric piano that is affordable, simple, easy to learn and yet powerful, Yamaha corporation has one among these models for you and that is P-45 among p series pianos. 

These products are the most affordable and accessible around the market of p series pianos. This has been a part of the starter kit of every pianist who is jumping into the music and is among the highest selling studio pianos.

Simple and Affordable Yet Complete!

P-45 is 88 keys model, Graded hammer standard electric piano with integration of Grand piano along with the single button operation. It also comes with the touch sensitivity feature that you can set as you prefer according to your playing style whether hard, medium, fixed or soft. 

It is the most affordable and cheapest instrument of Yamaha p series. The interface is very simple and minimal and yet can be customised with add-on devices and gadgets to make it more powerful

Energy Conservation with auto shutdown feature

P-45 has an auto shutdown feature in addition to all other basic features of P Series. The time after which the P 45 should power off can be set by the player to conserve the energy. Yamaha is working its level best to make the equipments that are eco-friendly and yet efficient as a care for environment and in perspective to SDG. 

P-45 p series pianos are one of those electric piano that conserves electric energy by its minimal model and auto shut down feature.

Feel realistic sound with classic sound engine

P-45 of p series Yamaha uses advanced wave memory sampling to execute one sample per keystroke at different levels of tonalities and volume. AWM also help P-45 to improve sound quality and match it with the acoustic piano by coupling waveform received from left and right microphones. 

In these, compositions are transformed into a realistic grand acoustic sound with this classic sound engine used in P-45 p series pianos.

Bottom Line about the Yamaha P Series

So in a nut-shell every model of Yamaha P Series has been designed in perspective to portability, usability, affordability, a combination of any two or all three. They are one of the best studio pianos. By giving attention to these P series has addressed the people from every domain of life, that is, whether they are pro, amateurs, students or hobbyists. 

 The finishing is so classy that if you are not into pianos, stills you are going to love it. Many accessories like tables, MIDI cables, stand, chairs, even parts that include keys, hammers, capacitor and so on are readily available in the market. 


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