Korg Nautilus, the best workstation in his family

Korg Nautilus Workstation

NAUTILUS is a powerful performance synth Workstation designed by Korg Inc. It is a state-of-the-art workstation that is more powerful, intelligent, and streamlined with greater integration capabilities with modern technologies. Touch screen incorporated into the NAUTILUS will give you free hand and working with the instrument is made a lot easier and smooth.

You can switch between the preset sounds and the sounds you have created quickly. Korg has added the largest number of piano libraries in the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation that has ever been incorporated in any instrument of such type. Also, harnessing nine sound engines and a lot more features compared to Kronos, makes it a lucrative option for keyboard lovers and stands out from the competition.

Korg has defined three categories of sounds that they have provided for NAUTILUS Workstation in perspective to the change in musical trends of the contemporary world. Korg has delivered a new breed of workstations by refining sound and hardware technologies and giving musicians an incredible instrument that they can connect with.

Versions of Korg NAUTILUS Workstation

Korg NAUTILUS Workstation has three models:

1. 88-Key Model ​

Korg Nautilus 88-Key Model

The 88-key model of the NAUTILUS music workstation has a dimension of 1437 × 387 × 139 mm and includes supreme quality wooden side panels on the sides giving it a luxurious look with piano touch and weighing around 23.1 kg. 

It uses RH-3 and has a voluminously weighted real hammer action gives a feel of acoustic grand piano keys. Its impact is lighter on higher notes and higher on lower notes. The 88-key is the ultimate version liked by musicians worldwide.

2. 73-Key Model​

The 73-key has a dimension of 1227 × 386 × 116 mm and weighing around 14.6 kg. It is specially designed with light touch synth keyboard after high demand of many customers around the world. It has a captivating velocity response and sound generation. The 73-key has a beautiful curved design from both sides and gives it a modern look.

3. 61-Key Model​

Korg Nautilus 61-Key Model

Similar to the 73-key model, the 61-key also has a light-touch synth keyboard from C to C. Its dimensions are 1062 × 386 × 116 mm and weighing 13 kg approximately. The design and working principle of the 61-key model is similar to the 73-key model, but with lesser keys, which makes it a bit compact comparatively. 

It is easy to carry and incorporated with all the features of the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation by Korg.


Nautilus Music Workstation has the following amazing features:

Add Your Heading Text Here8” Touch Screen Display for Better User experience​

Korg Nautilus Workstation touch screen display
800 pixels Wide VGA colored touch display with an interactive and user-friendly design is at the heart of the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation. Responsive touch drag option for switching, controlling, and adjusting parameters make this integration the best feature of the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation. The touch screen makes the workstation easy to use and handle and releases many factors of distraction, especially when you are creating a new composition, which gives you an open mind and less handy work while creating new musical notes.  The touch screen has a graphical display for pianos, for example, you can connect open or close the lid of the grand piano simply by sliding your finger over the displaying image. Moreover, the screen also provides search functionality to find location conveniently.

Nine Powerful Sound Engines of Korg NAUTILUS ​

You can compose your song right from the touch screen and easy to use controllers with nine powerful and expressive sound engines of Korg NAUTILUS that are more powerful and enhanced than Kronos engine, by mixing layered sounds, synthesizers, and other instruments from drums, electric guitars, and so on. These different sound engines offer massive expressive power. It has highly complex functionality but easy to understand once you dive into this. You can choose preset sounds from the library or can record your own and integrate it for a unique composition. Korg NAUTILUS offers nine powerful and distinctive sound engines that create new tonalities for your composition, no matter what your selected musical genre:

● SGX-2
● EP-1 Electric Piano
● HD-1
● AL-1
● CX-3
● STR-1
● MOD-7 VPM/FM synthesis
● MS20EX
● PolySixEX

Add Your SGX-2 program

SGX-2 program is the best acoustic piano sound generator that you have never seen in any workstation. In SGX-2 piano sound generator there isn’t any loop, every note has 12 velocity levels that make the sound more natural and smooth. It also features modeled string resonance and provides exclusive Una Corda.

EP 1 Electric Piano​

EP 1 electric piano sound generator engine produces sound effects of six classical electric pianos of Tine and Reed. Korg NAUTILUS Workstation can mock exactly the same sound by adding decay and noise without limitation of playback and produces the same harmonious sound of these vintage electric pianos.


HD-1 or High Definition synthesizer is among the most customizable and full-flavored sound engines that give you a wide range of options to select and compose your keynotes. HD-1 works with one or more samples from any source internal or external. You can synthesize the sound directly or can use it is over wave sequencers.


The NAUTILUS AL-1 analog synthesizer engine is the most full-featured and robust virtual analog synth of music workstations. AL-1 is passed on by Korg Oasys and has fused with more enhanced features in the NAUTILUS family. It uses subtract synthesis model with hybrid filter shapes to mold the sound in a way you want.


CX-3 is a comprehensive tone-wheel organ sound engine. When we talk about tone-wheel organs we mean more solid and powerful chords. With the CX-3 sound engine, the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation produces real and natural tone-wheel organ tones that with the more enhanced version of sounds that were not possible to produce even with the original tone-wheel organs. It helps in creating delicate expression possible.


STR-1 or Plucked String Physical Modelling sound engine gives you a wide range of options to select from guitars and other string related instruments. You can generate the sound of acoustic guitar with the keys of the Korg NAUTILUS music workstation. The sound effect is so cool that you won’t believe it to be played via the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation.

MOD-7 VPM/FM synthesis

MOD-7 sound engine offers you from bells, basses, classical FM keyboards to epic pads. It has the capability to export sounds from the DX synth. With MOD-7 you can fuse multi-steps of ring modulation, waveshaping, and filters. You can mold and combine them all together as you love.


MS-20EX is the evolved version of MS-20 of the Korg family. It is a powerful tool for analog modeling that gives you control over modular patch cables. You can regulate filters in MS-20EX with an audio-rated oscillator. It has a unique breed of filters that make to differentiate it from PolySixEX.


PolySixEx is a very simple to use and adaptive sound engine. It has an analog oscillator, another sub-oscillator, a 4-pole filter, and built-in effects. It has a super capability to play multiple distinctive sounds, can be up to 180 sounds at the same time. All of these different sound engines offer massive expressive power and compliments one over the other in their own domains.

Smooth Sound Transitions in Every Mode and sound transitions that eliminate dropouts when changing sounds

NAUTILUS music workstation by Korg offers a very harmonious and surface smooth sound transitions between the sounds and notes you play, whatever mode you choose. When you are switching from one program to another the foregoing tune will be given priority over the forthcoming keynote, tone, or sound. SST will give your composition a perfect blend and the feature is very useful when you are performing live and even if you are composing in your lab will give you flow and you won’t need to go through a lot of editing after completion of your composition on the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation. In other word, it will give power in live performances. SST helps you eliminate dropouts when changing sounds giving your music a smooth transition when moving from one note to another.

State-of-the-art Open Sampling System

Sample is made easy with Korg’s NAUTILUS music workstation’s open sampling system. You can sample any sound from an external source from anywhere, whether you are using any mode with open sampling system. There are multiple options available to load your custom samples. NAUTILUS recognises samples in these formats:

● AKAI S1000

● AKAI 3000
● SoundFont 2.0

16 Track MIDI Sequencer and 16 Track Audio Recorder

Korg NAUTILUS has the capability to 200 songs, four hundred thousand MIDI events, and three hundred thousand audio recordings. Moreover, This workstation has the capacity to record a 16 track audio recorder with the potential to record 4 tracks of 16 or 24-bit having a sampling rate of 48 kHz simultaneously. The 16 track audio recorder automates the mixer, EQ, FX, BPM, volume, and so on. It also provides a 16 track MIDI sequencer that can help you play, record, and control input signals of external devices like a Real-time Pattern play recorder or drum track. The automated song setting option can help you conveniently streamline your recording or playback in real-time with 16 track midi sequencers.
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This is Part 6 of our video manual for the NAUTILUS Music Workstation, focusing on Audio Recording and Sampling.

16 Onboard Effect Processors

Korg NAUTILUS comes with 16 internal effects that is adding value to your sonic creations.
There are 12 Insert effects that can be tried on tonalities whether multiple or individual in a combination. It can also be applied to sole or multiple tracks of sequencer. 

Moreover, there are two Master effects can be utilized to channelize one of two and two total effects to all tracks when you are finalizing your sound at final stage. Additionally, there are 3 separate EQ for every tonality, for every audio track and for every sequencer track to adjust or modify the overall impact of the sound for creativity.

Convenient Drum track and Arpeggiator functions​

Drum track and arpeggiator sets complement preset sounds of COMBI and PROG. Moreover, models that are created in the sequencer can easily be molded to drum track sound patterns. DRUM and ARP buttons are used to switch on or off these functions. Korg has convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions that can can help you mix the drum and arpeggiator effect in your music easily.

DYNAMICS knobs to control the Volume and Tones​

Dynamics knob gives you instant control over velocity, impact, and quality of the sound. This knob can help you change the sound in real-time while you are playing the keyboard to set it according to the mood and compositional environment.  This dynamics knob makes delicate expression viable. Every musician has its style. You can also discover your style while adjusting the Dynamics knobs of your NAUTILUS and create the one that suits your personality. Dynamics knob makes delicate expression possible, when turn left give you a soft tone and when twisted right will give you a stronger tone.

Make intuitive changes to sounds with 6 RealTime knobs

On the top left of your NAUTILUS workstation you will find six realtime knobs. You can control sound from PROG and COMBI from these RT knobs. Each knob can create many delicate expression possible make intuitive changes to sound. For example, you can apply effect depth, filter cutoff, gate time, swing sound of the drum track or arpeggiator, tweak tempo, and so on.

When you are in COMBI mode, control the levels as well as group timbres with these real time knobs. If you have set the knob to a certain level, you can lock it by pressing it. This prevents the sound being played from changing accidentally. In addition, you can also push down the extra knobs that you don’t usually use a lot and activate the ones that you have set for any performance live or in the recording room.


Korg NAUTILUS music workstation has a built-in storage of 60 GB SSD (2.5”) for sounds, music tracks, songs, samples, and other files that you can use for recording, playback, and song editing.

USB MIDI Host Ports Accommodate MIDI Control Surfaces

Any type of USB MIDI controllers that are adaptable to the keyboards can be configured directly to the NAUTILUS. Therefore, USB MIDI host ports accommodate midi controller of any type that are compliant to it. Korg NAUTILUS Workstations can assign functions to a Korg USB MIDI controller with pads to play drum sounds.

Energize Your Live Performances with the power of Set list mode.

Korg NAUTILUS Workstation provides you everything that you need to give you a smooth experience of playing songs in live performance with the set list mode.

16 color-coded touch-screen buttons are hosted on your color TouchView display while using set mode list. Every button has a capability to call upon any Combination, Sequence or Preset, independent of the mode you are currently in!

Colors are easy to pick. Korg Nautilus Workstation provides you liberty to select colors for the buttons for smooth and quick transition from one track to another. For example switch to blue track, then red and then green. This is the most lucrative feature that could help you a lot and give you power in live performances specially. Live playing is much easier even if it is your first time in front of the audience.

Now you will never be despaired about the stage fear and you can easily remember what’s next on your list just by playing with colors with the help of set list mode. The set list mode also has an Add-on EQ with nine bands that will help you play with the tones to sync it with the venue you are in for a live performance.

Other Accessories to Consider

The following are the other accessories that you can buy along with your Korg’s NAUTILUS music workstation:

  • Expression/Volume Pedal: XVP-20
  • Pedal Switch Version: PS-1
  • Pedal Switch Version: PS-3
  • Foot Controller: EXP-2
  • Damper Pedal: DS-1H


Free music software programs

The Korg NAUTILUS has a humongous variety of musical pieces of software from Izotope. Such as, “Ozone Elements” that is not only a solution to create song rather it would help you master it by the power of AI. Similarly, “Skoove” will guide you through the process of improving your keyboard skills and will make you master of it by the smart technologies they have used to train. 

Not only this you can enjoy playing with synths from Korg and other brands including famous “Reason Lite” DAW software. We can put this in another way that when you will buy and put your hands for the first time on Korg NAUTILUS Workstation you will experience a next level advancement in the synthesizers with variety of tools that will change the whole life experience of your music.

Your playing and composition experience will be enhanced to the next level that you have not had imagined. This superb Workstation will give you an out-of-the-box experience and you are definitely going to fell in love with this powerful NAUTILUS workstation by Korg.


Apps for iPhone / iPad

The following are the apps for your iPhone and iPad that will give you a superb performance experience and mock up for the Korg NAUTILUS Workstation: ● Korg Gadget 2 Le by DAW app — a music production studio ● Korg Module — a sound module app for piano and keyboard

Software for Mac / Windows

The following are some high profile pieces of software available in the market for Mac and Windows that can make your experience out of the world with Korg NAUTILUS Workstations:

Synthesizer Sound Modules:
● M1 Le by Korg collection
● UVI Digital Synsations
● AAS Ultra Analog Session

Acoustic Guitar Sound Module:
● AAAS Strum Session

Electric Piano Sound Module:
● AAS Lounge Lizard Session

Music Production Software:
● Reason Studios Reason Lite by DAW music
● KORG Gadget 2 Le for Mac by DAW music

Audio Mastering Plugin:
● iZotope Ozone Elements

Online Piano Lessons:
● Skoove by Skoove Premium



All these features mentioned above make Korg’s NAUTILUS a supreme and state-of-the-Art music Workstation that will send your musical career of 2021 to the next level!
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