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ROLAND Musical Instruments

Roland Corporation was established on April 18, 1972, in Japan, with its major lines of business being manufacturing, importing, and marketing electronic musical instruments. It also deals in electronic equipment and software, with its headquarters located in Shizuoka, Japan.

The company follows the goal for inspiring enjoyment of creativity and establishing a cooperative enthusiasm for stakeholders.
Currently, it has over 2600 employees with 18 sales offices functional across the globe. There are four manufacturing centers for Roland; China, Malaysia, the USA, and Japan. The ratio for overseas sales goes about 85% approximately. The sales of Roland Corporation go by 64 billion Yen per annum as stated by the term ending in December 2020. Most of the sales occur in North America and Europe, with over 30% of the chunk in the total shares contributed by each.

Roland is a producer of electronic musical instruments, which are a mainstay of music. The company makes use of experience and expertise from its history. It leverages new technologies intending to bring innovative technology to the world of music, where you can enjoy much better music more easily and freely.

Product Categories

Combining the power of reasonable prices with exceptional quality products, Roland has a massive range of instruments. Here is a Roland products overview: 


The company offers a series of bespoke pianos, including a wide range of products to choose from. These include Portable pianos, grand pianos, premium upright pianos, and stage pianos. You can choose different options like flat top cabinets or the classic wooden oak finish designs, for example. 


Roland provides instruments with a classic sound and an innovative touch. There are combo organs and classic ones among many to choose from. In addition, there are many authentic pipe organs with durable designs and spatial ambiance that you can select. 


You get to have analog modeling, performance and workstation, digital wind instrument, and much more. You can bring the warmth of analog with a touch of digital versatility in the components.


There is a wide range of different keyboards to choose from this product category of Ronald. For example, Entry keyboards, V-accordion, and MIDI keyboard controllers are some of the best products sold under this range.   CLICK HERE TO BUY A ROLAND DUST COVER


Guitar and Bass

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Ronald serves you a wide variety of guitar and bass to choose from. For example, you get the acoustic singer, the Katana amp, the Nextone amp, and the Waza amp to choose from the product category of keyboard controllers.

Drums and Percussion

There is a wide range of products in the drums and percussion range – v-drums acoustic design, v-drum kits, percussion, hybrid drums, rhythm coaches, pad controllers, and much more. There are also apps that help you set the tone and range for the equipment.


The production sector of Roland includes different recorders, both handheld, and multi-track. There are also session mixers, audio interfaces, software, keyboard controllers, plugins for software, sound modules, and a lot more.


Roland amplifiers include portable PA systems, percussion amplifiers, acoustic guitar amplifiers, and keyboard amplifiers to start. You get to enjoy a transparent, clear, and crisp sound through the innovative amplifiers from Ronald Corporation.  Order custom cover for your ROLAND amplifier.  

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Avid music lovers can get their hands on the best sound production and music writing tools available in the form of the AIRA and DJ range from Roland manufacturers. There are multiple oscillators, effects, and filters used in these types of products to bring innovation. 

Roland Cloud

It is a kind of evolving suite based on cloud technology for a variety of drum machines, software synthesizers, and a lot of sampled instruments for the creators of today.
Other products from the manufacturers include a Professional A/V and accessories. These include headphones, cables, bags, cases, stands, foot controllers, microphones, boss accessories, ac adaptors, rack adaptors, and other miscellaneous products. 

Roland Music Accessories

Each accessory is designed to deliver the best music quality for people with love and passion in the field.

  • For example, the Gold Series instrument Ronald cables are made for accurately transmitting pure signals with no noise interference or contamination.
  • The 24K custom gold-plated connectors make sure the audio reproduction is clean and precise.
  • The oxygen-free copper wire coming with studio quality translates the sound of the instrument through incredible detailing, and the design requiring low capacitance will ensure the tone to remain true and clear.

Top Sellers for Ronald

The top sellers of the brand include the FP X series and Verselab MV 1. These come with innovative designs that have an appreciative heavyweight character and supreme playability. The FP X series, for example, shows the most recent generation of a wide variety of portable pianos.

Another top seller is the Verselab MV 1. It is best for an all-rounder song production through Roland songwriting and sound-producing tools for assisting innovative music makers at different levels. These are some of the most popular and the best-sold products in the Ronald range of exquisite musical products.


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Celebrating Artists with Ronald

Many artists around the world love to use different products from Ronald Corporation.

For example, MARNIK, which is an Italian duo, uses a V Moda headset made by the company. Noga Erez, Frank McNulty, and other musical artists have been known to use different top seller products from the company. They report having an incredible experience using the instruments, apps, and other tools to make their music sound better and bring much-awaited innovation to the world of sound and music.

In fact, the company in corporation with BOSS leads an award show highlighting the lifetime achievement history of musicians worldwide. It celebrates the story of different musical artists and bands such as U2, The Killers, and many others to pay tribute to the highlighted names in the music industry’s history.

With more innovation in the products being launched by the company, more and more artists are incorporating the expertise and the experience of the company to bring new life to their music in many forms and all kinds of audiences. 

Final Words

Ronald, a Japanese company, is known for manufacturing, marketing, and trading different high-quality electronic music equipment and is making leaps and bounds in the industry. It tends to celebrate the victory of the music artists and innovations in different products in the industry.

These include pianos, drums and percussions, keyboards, and many more to celebrate. It also pays tribute by bringing lifetime achievement history awards to the industry for celebrating the legacy of the musical artists and the amazing ways they used different musical tools and equipment in their music journey.