Top 5 Brands For Keyboard Amplifier

Top 5 Brands For Keyboard Amplifier

Keyboard amplifiers are essential equipment for live performances if you are an avid digital piano, synths, or keyboard player. Available in several sizes and shapes, they may also include whistles and bells. Thanks to the several types of keyboard amplifiers available in the market, a person may have trouble choosing the perfect one. If you feel that you are on the same boat and would like to know which brands make the best keyboard amps, you came to the right place.

In this article, we will tell you about the top 5 brands that make the best keyboard amplifiers:

So what Is A Keyboard Amplifier?

So what exactly is a keyboard amplifier? A keyboard amplifier is the best solution for external amplification and works great in small venues as well as home settings. This wondrous equipment comes in a wide range of models that boast various power ranges, mic options, multiple inputs, built-in digital effects, and various channel mixers.

Since these wondrous keyboard amps have the capacity of handling the entire sonic spectrum, they are used for several other instruments like acoustic guitars, electronic drums, and bass guitars.

Now that we know everything we needed to about keyboard amplifiers, let us look at its top 5 brands:


In the world of keyboard amplifiers, Peavy is the most famous and well-trusted manufacturer. It’s been leading its field ever since its inception in 1965. With the ambition to always do something new, Peavey takes pride in securing over 180 patents which is proof of how unique and innovative this brand is.

Some of the most models that Peavey has produced are:

  • PEAVEY KB1: This is a simple keyboard amplifier perfect for home use. Its power of 20 watts should be ideal for practicing with acoustic guitars and vocalists.
  • PEAVY KB 2: This model boasts a power of 45 watts and is ideal for practicing in the studio, small venues, and solo performances.


The famous Behringer keyboard amps offer the perfect volume while rehearsing in the studio or performing on the stage. Various models produced by Behringer offer a variety of exciting features like multiple inputs and built-in digital effects. Specifically engineered to deliver top-quality performance, Behringer’s wide range of keyboard amplifiers will be the perfect addition to your setup.

Some of the best models produced by this brand include the following:

  • BEHRINGER K450FX: This model is a powerful amp and offers maximum functions and flexibility at a fantastic price. The K450FX boasts a power of 45 watts and has three separate options for volume, along with several FX presets that you can play with.
  • BEHRINGER Ultratone K900Fx: Available at an affordable price, this model boasts a power of 90 watts and has 3 separate channels. When it comes to providing an exceptional value for money, this model tops the list.


For several years, Roland keyboard amplifiers have gained massive popularity for their versatile connectivity, high-quality sound, and several mixing fixtures. Combining the benefit of reasonable prices with the delivery of exceptional quality, Roland’s keyboard amplifiers are definitely worth it.

  • Roland KC-110: This model is easily portable and boasts a power of 30 watts. It is perfect for use at home, in solo performances, and small venues.


There is no denying that VOX has always been considered a luxury brand when it comes to keyboard amplifiers. Even though some of the models are pricey, they offer exceptional sound and quality. Let’s look at its top model:

  • Vox VX50KB: This model offers a power of 50 watts, comes equipped with 3 channels, and can endure complex setups.


This top famous keyboard amplifier brand is known for the wide variety of models that it produces. One of its most hyped models is its rechargeable keyboard combo.

  • Kurzweil KST300A: This rechargeable keyboard amplifier can be used in various setups and boasts a four-channel mixer. It also has a built-in music player.


If you are on the lookout for some of the best keyboard amplifier models, look no further. The brands mentioned above are among the top 5, and their models are bound to deliver exceptional results.