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So, you are a musician, an audiophile or you work in the music industry and you own musical equipment that you want to preserve for many years to come? Well you are in the right place! I’d like to introduce you to Viktory, the premium supplier of custom dust covers to protect your musical equipment. They offer thousands of products including: mixing desk covers, amplifier covers, keyboard covers, loudspeaker covers and custom covers for all of the most popular brands on the market today, including: Ampeg, Behringer, Black Star, Hughes & Kettner, Line 6, Vox, Fender Champion and many others. Viktory will ship your product in the best way possible! Contact them today at https://viktoryshop.com or call them at +43(0)680 320 320 or +386(0)70 620 223.

Viktory is a family owned business which got started by professional musician and technician with a lot of experience in the “music world” Miran Skok in 2009. Viktory’s main goal is to produce quality products for covering musical instruments and other equipment. Let this professional musician help you find that perfect product for your valuable musical equipment.

Now that you took some time to learn about our friends over at Viktory, read our article about loudspeaker covers. When you are finished, stop by Viktory’s shop and find that perfect cover for your musical equipment.


The covers will slide on and off with very little work. You’ve got a speaker cover! A method for creating a relief speaker cover which duplicates the look of a panel is currently described in detail. Consistent coverage usually means that Sound Pressure Level will not vary more than 6 decibels.

There is a large number of full range loudspeakers at unique prices. Depending on a lot of factors such as functioning dynamics and structural variations, they come in several types. Talk to a professional for precise sizes you  need for your own speakers. Speakers are among the most indispensable pieces of any electrical audio system. They are also categorized based on the operating technology and other specifications as well.


Installation of different types of loudspeakers (depending on their application) is suppose to be  fast and easy because of the use of a conventional dogleg mounting system with backup threaded brass inserts. Flush mount installation is possible by making a subsurface mounting bracket that’s the proper depth to fit the specific doorbell model you’re installing. Also, wiring becomes old and might eventually quit working. As an additional benefit, insulation may also completely submerge the Speaker cover enabling insulation consistency through your whole building envelope. The protection of the speaker is important. That is one of the reasons it makes sense to invest a little money into it. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, covers also protect the equipment.

Using a soft felt pad that is fastened to the base of the pedestal prevents the chance of marring or scratching any highly polished surface on which the loudspeaker might place. A key to the success of loudspeaker design throughout the years  became the ability to satisfy the requirements of the listeners. There are lots of advantages and pitfalls of the most frequently made materials. Speaker covers need to be made and designed by professionals. Musical equipment is very expensive. We should not take shortcuts when it comes to this type of equipment.

Now that you learned more about loudspeaker covers and their many benefits, visit our friends at Viktory https://viktoryshop.com so that you pick up that hard to find cover for your musical equipment.

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