Dust covers for your precious instruments

A dust cover is a cloth or plastic that is used to cover the instruments when not in use. Any instrument whether it is a guitar, piano, xylophone, or keyboard can be covered by covers easily.
They prevent the musical instruments from getting exposed to dust, humidity, sunlight, and dirt.

We are sure you buy precious and expensive instruments and take good care of them like your babies but if you don’t cover them; they will wear out even before you notice it.
For your ease, our dust covers have been made with high-quality material to keep your instruments secured from dust and dirt.

The demand for dust covers have been increased with the time because people do not want the costly instruments to get rusty or worn out from the grime that can impact harmfully on your musical equipment.

The effects dust has on the musical instruments

In our daily life, it is very common to get exposed to the harmful particles even at home. These harmful tiny particles known as dust play a part in breaking down and damaging the instruments as well.
Also, it piles up in the areas of the instruments such as between the piano keys, speakers, and ports where cleaning is not easy.

Humidity makes the instrument grow rusty and wear out the parts of the instrument rapidly. Dust affected instruments don’t work smoothly so, you will have to put a little force on them to make them work.
And when this is not maintained, the keys or strings stop working.
Therefore, our dust covers are introduced to restrict all these limitations and they are able to keep your instruments dust-free, moisture-free, and dirt-free to make them produce sweet sound for really long time.

The objective benefits of dust covers

In accordance with the application of the dust covers, we guarantee you many positive effects. Within the use of a month, you will find your instruments secured and working properly; along with that the other benefits dust covers provide you, are:

  • Our products are made up of smooth and high-quality materials that don’t allow your instruments from getting scratched.
  • Our covers prevent sunlight to hit directly to the instrument. Because sunlight causes heatness in the equipment and they get hot which affects the tuning. Therefore, they are quality enough that instrument won’t get affected to the exposure of the sunlight.
  • Additionally, our dust covers are multi-layered and made up of an extremely good fabric that won’t allow dust to pass through.
  • You can also wash the dust covers in the washing machine to clean them without any hassle. Or you can just choose to hand-wash them to make them live longer.

Dust covers, that we produce have only benefits and no disadvantages; which is just so good to be true. Don’t overlook the advantages our dust covers provide you with.
If you want longer life for your lavish and extravagant musical instruments; cover them with our dust covers when not in use to extend their life.


Keyboard Dust Cover by Viktory

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  1. Hauser Weiler says:

    I need a dust cove for a medical instrument stand measuring 33” by 24” top and 40” in height. Can you provide this and if so what is the cost.

    • viktory says:

      Yes we produce dust cover, covers for medical instruments and Equipment.
      Best Regards, Viktory Team

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