Custom made covers for Guitar AMP Amplifiers Combos Cabinets

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VIKTORY under cover

Custom made covers for Guitar AMP Amplifiers Combos Cabinets

Guitar AMP Amplifier cover, dust cover
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Guitar Cabinet cover,
Custom made cover

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Schutzhüllen Abdeckungen für Amps AMPS COMBO CABINET by Viktory

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Schutzhüllen nach Maß für Amps
Abdeckungen für combos und cabinet
Schutzhüllen für Gitarrenverstärker

How can we also assure, that all things we have spent money for and what helps us to improve life quality could be retained?
The human being protects his body from bad outside influences by covering. We often cover our cars and garden furniture but we rarely think about if it is worth covering musical instruments, computer, and other devices.

Research shows, that as a consequence of that dust reduces the functionality of cooling devices and fans in computers it can cause up to 40% overheating of the processor or weakens the capacity of the power pack and other electronic units which make hardware. Overheating can lead to malfunction. When documents and files are not protected correctly important information can get lost and this can often cause commercial harm.


some text Keyboard with Dust
Music Keyboard with Dust
How is the situation with audio devices, keyboard, and other electronic musical instruments?
Both are valid for all kinds of audio devices, keyboards and other electronic instruments which are placed in educational institutions in the learning area and no one who is responsible does not think of the fact that it does not only attract dust but also the curious views of children who are not familiar with handling and can harm or cause damage to the instrument.

PartyBe extra careful with children (and also adults) when having a drink close to expensive musical instruments!!!

Also, in this case, it is a simple solution to cover the instrument with a cover you can find in various colors and sizes on the market and it perfectly fits for this situation.

When using covers you protect musical instruments from dirt and dust, but also from unauthorized people who are not familiar with its handling.
The investment in a professional cover is not expensive in comparison to the damage that could happen like in the example with Yamaha Genos Keyboard 76 keys, and a cost value of more than EUR 3.777. The investment to a professional protection with lifelong guarantee* is only EUR 44.85.

In that way, it is ensured that the instrument answers the purpose one third longer than otherwise.

Finally, you can see that the price is really worth such a cover.
If you do not find your audio device or musical instrument in our offer you should try out the custom made covers and we will make a cover especially for your needs (with a lifelong guarantee for Viktory cover products*)

* More about Viktory lifelong guarantee you can find in our GTC (general terms and conditions)