What Are Turntable Dust Covers For?

What Are Turntable Dust Covers For

Turntable dust covers are primarily for protection from dust. It not only keeps away the aerial nastiness getting on to your records and other mechanics but also helps in keeping out the moisture into your player’s individual parts and internal components.

So, when your system is all set up and ready to spin, it would be wise of you to protect your investment and keep it in excellent condition by buying a good turntable dust cover.

Innovation In Turntable Dust Covers

Innovations are made in turntable covers by introducing new styles. The latest dust covers are designed in such a way that you can enjoy your record player even by keeping the turntable dust cover on. They create no disturbance or hindrance in the working of your records; you just have to lift the lid for playing, and when played, lower the lid, keeping it safe from all dirt and dust.

Does Turntable Dust Covers Damage The Sound Quality?

Would a turntable cover affect or damage the sound quality coming out of your record player? Many people seem to be confused about the issue. The comforting answer to this is, if you buy a good quality dust cover that resonates with your system’s setup, no damage will be caused to the sound.

On the other hand, there are substandard-quality turntable dust covers in the market, which reduce the sound quality of record players and fail to prevent the layers of dust from accumulating on the recordDifferent quality suitable materials for the dust covers.


The Difference Between Hard And Soft Turntable Dust Covers

Mainly, two types of turntable dust covers are available, the hard ones and the soft ones. If you have a system with big, booming speakers, a hardcover will suit more because hardcovers can resonate with the mass and handle the shaking of the turntable and the tonearm easily.

Talking about soft turntables, they are commonly made of nylon material. They are best in performing their job of keeping the dust away, but they lack when it comes to protection against damage as they are lightweight and can easily be lift-off by any curious kid in your home or even with just one strike of any pet. Moreover, if anyone, let’s say your guests, places a drink very close to your record player, then a soft dust cover might not be able to secure the player at all.

Thus, always choose depending on what your lifestyle and needs.

Hard And Soft Turntable Dust Covers

Turntable Dust Covers Differ In Sizes

If you think you can buy any type of turntable dust cover for your record and it will serve the purpose properly, you are wrong because turntable dust covers come in many sizes and styles. You need to search for the one that will fit your unit correctly.

Not to forget, there is another misconception regarding dust covers that one should select according to the model of the player. But the truth is there is a variety of turntable dust covers available in the market; what you have to do is focus on the one that is suitable for your system size-wise, no matter what model of record player you have got.

A Recurring Problem With Turntable Dust Covers

A mistake made by most buyers is that they connect their dust covers with turntable units by hinges. This creates a huge problem as it affects the working of a record. It is far better to keep your turntable dust covers unattached with the player because in this way, a record player will run smoothly, and it will be easier for you to take off the cover when needed and put it back on later.

Final Words about turntable dust covers

Gong through the content, it would be pertinent to say that a turntable dust cover is a necessary accessory for your record player to be safe from dust, accidents, and moisture. So, keep our points in mind and buy the one that fits your player perfectly.

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