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Midas Console specializes in top-quality console mixing for live sound, touring, recording, large venue sound production, and broadcast. It has been enjoying the attention of many audio engineers since the 1970s and numerous artists throughout the world.

Let’s Explore The History Of Midas Console

Midas Console amplification was founded in the heart of the United Kingdom, London, by two manufacturers Charles Brooke and Jeff Byers, who created transistor-designed speaker cabinets and guitar amplifiers.

Midas Console has been manufacturing and designing different audio consoles since the pop times of the 1970s. It progressed to become a business part of the Telex group soon. Fast forward to 2006, Telex group of Communications got sold to the Bosch group. This led the Midas Console enterprise to join hands with Bosch Communications Systems, ultimately becoming a part of it.

In 2010, Midas Console segregated from the Bosch company to become a part of the new Music Tribe. A determined team of audio engineers formed the basis of Midas Consoles in the United Kingdom. The products are typically manufactured in China’s Zhongshan of Guangdong Province, with around 3,000 staff members. The head office of Midas is located in London.

Midas Console has an elegant and sophisticated, dusty gold-colored logo with the title Midas. The Midas title is cleverly designed in the shape of a console to portray the real essence of the brand. This gives off a professional vibe in the market to make it popular among different brands.

Midas Product Categories

Midas Console manufactures products such as cables, connectors, signal processors, effects, microphones, mixers, personal monitors, mixing consoles, and other equipment like that. The current top-selling items include mixing consoles as they have been in use by several musicians over the globe for a lot of reasons.

Personal monitors and microphones are also popular among the people buying sound products from the company.

The company has recently worked on designing and manufacturing accessory items used in the music industry that include cables, connectors, signal processors, and effects. These are designed to ensure the enterprise does not compromise on selling all kinds of relevant products needed by audio engineers. So, in addition to the mixing consoles provided by the manufacturing company, Midas Console also exhibits a range of different products under its umbrella, such as signal processors, cables, connectors, personal monitors, microphones, mixers, effects, and other stuff like that.

The market of Midas Consoles

The manufactured consoles from the company are being utilized all around the globe by a large number of audio engineers in the live audio realm.

  • The applications related to these boards involve monitor console and Front of House positions.
  • Historical and common consoles involve the venerable XL3XL4, XL200, and XL250 large frame consoles for professional touring.
  • On the other hand, Heritage 1000, Heritage 2000, Heritage 3000, and Heritage 4000, as well as a multitude of other affordable variations, are targeted towards the regional and the club sound market.

Midas Consoles Then And Now

The XL8 was the first digital console manufactured by Midas, and it was launched in 2006 at the Frankfurt Music Messe to become the flagship Midas console. Some of the console features involve three preamps for each channel to allow the Monitor, Front of House, and the broadcast surfaces for control to be executed through one input rack and double redundant master processors for control. The Rapide remote integration with Klark Teknik Helix EQ system enables the audio system for better performance.

In the annual tradeshow of PLASA, the company launched its live audio system called the PRO6, which is the second digital audio system with networking from the company. Employing the technologies designed for the PRO6 and the XL8, the system delivers similar performance for audio in a complete package.

In 2010, PRO3 and the PRO9 came on the surface of the company’s new product line. Also, the VeniceF hybrid Digi Log Midas console replaced the analog console Venice.

Talking about the launch of PRO2 and the PRO2C consoles, the Midas digital features XL8 and PRO consoles which are more affordable and come in more compact packaging than their previous versions.

The company also launched the PRO1 digital console in Las Vegas at InfoComm. The PRO1 features a small physical footprint and comes with a more affordable price tag than PRO2 and PRO2C. For Midas consoles dust covers you can use different materials.

Current Midas Versions

Midas also introduced their latest console under the title of M32, which is largely based on the Behringer mixer X32 sharing most of the operating system using different preamps for microphones, common in Midas mixers from the pro series. The X32 utilizes some different preamps, but it was designed by Midas through a sample rate of 48 kHz with the help of Cirrus Logic A/D converters. Midas 8000, 8-channel A/D converter, and 96 kHz are some of the features.

The M32R is one of the best consoles for live performance and studio recording as it comes with 40 input channels and 16 microphone preamplifiers. It combines classic console designs with modern technologies making it the best for DJs.

The Midas MR18 is another favorite with excellent sounding preamps, locking XLR connectors, and a higher output level dBu, offering a longer warranty period.

Midas also retired most of the analog console product lines, including the Legend, Siena, and Heritage. The analog console Verona, VeniceF, and VeniceU were some analog-digital versions of hybrid consoles of the Venice consoles, which make an active part of the product line of the company and are very popular among users. The company also markets the whole components for digital audio distribution, commonly utilized with their consoles, such as large multi-site audio distribution networking or stand-alone digital snakes.

Consoles manufactured by the company have Linux as their operating system at the base level. It is highlighted in their marketing campaign materials quite a lot, and Kernel Programming Experience and Linux Development in their conferences have themselves stated the fact mentioned above. What’s more, a standard PC motherboard is also used in every core of the Pro desks from Midas – they also come with a 4GB flash card for data storage and operating system.


Popularity Of Midas Consoles Among Musicians

The responsibility of the main technician among the team of audio engineers is to make sure that the transitions are made as smooth as possible, and Midas products help ensure that well. Famous audio engineers around the globe have been utilizing the equipment from Midas for years. An example will be of Frogs on Tour, a live crew hailing from France. Camille Bechet, a member of the band, has advocated using the products by telling the multiple benefits that come with the use of the product.

He has also stated how he has a better satisfaction level and how he has been able to take command of things since he, along with his crew, collectively started using the Midas. One of the most important things he recognizes is consistency which is how he can trust and know the different technicalities of the equipment.

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Final Words

In simple words, Midas is the manufacture to look for if you are in a hunt for high-quality mixing consoles for touring, large venues, live sound, recording, and broadcast. If you want a reliable console for reliable performance, Midas is the company to go for.

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