Why Do You Need A Dust Cover?

Why Do You Need A Dust Cover?

What purpose can a small piece of cloth serve? Some might think that it is a useless investment. But for starters we want to say that:

Life is too short to waste cleaning the piano keys.

Piano or keyboards are vital instruments for avid music lovers, and their importance cannot be ignored. So, if you wish to protect your keyboard or piano from harsh rays of the sun, dust accumulation, and accidental spills, you need to cover your prized possession with a dust cover.

Here are the reasons why you need a keyboard dust cover for your instrument.

Dust And Moisture

You might think that the keyboard in your house is saved from dust and dirt, but it’s not true. Dust is everywhere, and dust and moisture can do more damage to the keys and the wooden frame of your piano than you can ever imagine. So, protecting your beloved instrument from dust and moisture is extremely important. 

A addition to the dust cover can also be a microfibre cleaning glove

Protection Against Pets

Your pets love to be around you, and they can relax on any flat surface they find in the house, including your piano and keyboard. On the other hand, the accumulating fallen pet hair can be highly irritating, and you should not forget about the pet scratches.

However, a piano dust cover will protect it from any potential damage that your pet can do.

Accidental Spills

A glass spill on your beloved keys does not only delay your work but can also mean a huge expense on repairing or, in severe case scenario, buying a new one. Keeping the instrument covered when not in use ensures protection against accidental spills of coffee, juice, tea, etc.

Protect Your Investment

You cannot change a remarkable piece of musical instrument like seasonal clothes. Instead, you need to make sure that once you have invested your hard-earned money in a piece of equipment, it is protected and well maintained for as much longer as possible. Using a dust cover will help you protect the investment that you have made without putting in much effort.

Increases Life Span

When covered well, a piano or a keyboard can live longer than you could imagine. As the keys are saved from dust, moisture, and dirt which can cause the electronic items to rust and lose their working capability and efficiency, your piece is safe from any kind of damages and is preserved well.

Stay In A Better Shape

When the keys are uncovered, people around tend to touch them while sitting or walking beside them. Anyone can touch the instrument with dirty hands, and you won’t like when a kid grabs the keys with his sticky hands, making them equally sticky and stainy. When a keyboard is kept covered, it stays in better shape due to less unwanted human touch.

Yamaha P 121 Series digital piano 01

Tips While Choosing The Dust Cover

Now when you are equipped with all the benefits, let’s see what to look for while buying the dust cover that is best for the longevity of the piano or keyboard.

Easily Washable

Look for material that can easily be cleaned or washed. The cover material should be multilayered and breathable so that any dampness can be avoided and the keys can breathe.

Good Quality

Sometimes, just to save a few dollars, we sacrifice the quality, but when you have already invested so much in equipment, it’s better to invest in a durable and quality dust cover as it will bring the best results for your investment.

Moisture Resistant

It’s important because most of the dust covers available in the market do not provide the needed protection. Choose the cover that protects against moisture which is the biggest concern of the keyboard owners.

Choose The Right Thickness

The extremely thick covers make the piano heat up, making them go out of tune, whereas thin ones do not last long. So, you must invest in the right thickness.

Many people may disagree with the idea of getting a dust cover, but in our opinion, it’s a great way to keep your precious instrument safe even for your coming generation to enjoy a taste of good music.