Native Instruments is the Name of Innovation in Music Industry

Native instruments covers

With an experience of more than 20 years, Native Instruments is known to combine the true essence of musical innovation for all music lovers, including producers and listeners.
Their audio-generating hardware and software platforms have developed some of the most profound beats.

 On the other hand, their innovative and technologically advanced products offer excellent uses to both amateurs and professionals in the industry. Whether you want to make a name in the industry with some inspiring beats or you want to create music for your own passion, Native Instruments has got you covered.
Now, let’s get to know the company a little up-close and personal.

Beginning of Native Instruments

The company founders are Volker Hinz and Stephan Schmitt, who used the company’s name for the first time in 1996 when they created Generator, a software package for the modular synth. With its headquarters located in Berlin, Native Instruments has introduced phenomenal innovations in its technology since its launch under the name of Holding GmbH.

Today, its music equipment is used by many famous musicians around the globe. 

Native instruments products

Products And Services The Company Offers

What you get from Native Instruments is fully developed, fully integrated solutions for different musical professions and styles. The products create new horizons in the different categories we are going to discuss shortly. 


It is one of the best tools ranges a professional music producer can use and is an incredible option for budding amateurs. It presents a wide range of effects plug-ins, software instruments, premium smart keyboards, and audio interfaces made to facilitate the ideal quality production in all musical genres. 


It lets you bring the groove in today’s digital production. Ever since its launch in 2009, MASCHINE has managed to single-handedly develop a new market segment. Through an integrated concept of hardware and software combined with a real-time workflow, MASCHINE has truly brought transformation to the way music producers make tracks and beats.

It allows creating and playing beat-oriented music, and producers of electronic and urban music genres are utilizing it to shape an innovative sonic landscape. Maschine dust covers in the Viktory Shop.


Speaking of the DJing revolution, TRAKTOR is all the hype in the industry. In 2001, this innovative addition came to the market and pioneered the new concept of DJing. In 2004, it underwent performative changes, and out came a DJ hardware and software controller.

Today, DJ legends from all over the globe rely on this fantastic software and create limitless analogs.

Native Instruments also has an online platform that lets music creators of all kinds of genres gain access to more than 500,000 top-quality sounds from over 200 partners. That is nothing but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delivering the best quality beats and tracks for music producers in the field. 

Final Words

We see Native Instruments offering an unbeatable hardware and software digital ecosystem for all music enthusiasts and professionals. Platforms like KOMPLETE, REAKTOR, and have brought the music industry to an advanced point with new technologies such as the Native Kontrol Standard technology.
We can say that almost every product from the company is platform agnostic and seamlessly integrates with the broad range of music creation and performance.