How To Order New Piano Key Covers?

How To Order New Piano Key Covers

A piano is an investment, meaning you will want to protect this expensive musical instrument of yours from different elements, especially the piano keys. Two primary things that can ruin your piano playing experience are dust and sticky keys. Fortunately, ordering new key covers is a simple process that will remove both problems almost instantly. However, there are a number of things to consider when buying piano covers. For example, its size, warranty, and material or fabric of the cover.

Let’s discuss in detail the things you need to keep in mind when ordering a piano key cover:

Size and model Of The Keyboard

First thing first, you need to know the number of your piano keys and measure the piano keyboard length and width, which you can do in inches or centimeters. Measuring the length and width is especially important in case you have a custom or vintage piece. It is better to double-check the measurements to ensure the accuracy of the final product. Precise measurements will allow your new piano key cover to fit properly without effort or any issue.

Material Or Fabric Of The Cover

Many people may not know the fact that keys on piano need to breathe. Keeping them closed up with the lid can be detrimental and can welcome humidity and mold. However, using a piano key cover made from appropriate materials will help protect your piano without suffocating the natural wood of your elegant instrument.

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the material for your key cover.

Material Or Fabric Of The Cover
  • Durability
    Another factor to consider is the longevity of your new piano key cover. For that, you would have to take into account your lifestyle, usage, and different fabric types. For example, if you have pets or kids, you would need a more robust cover.
  • Coming to materials of key covers, there are plenty available in the market, such as nylon, spandex, vinyl, and leather. The vinyl material is usually good for a couple of years. In warmer climates where the temperature often rises or in places with excessive humidity, vinyl can often deteriorate quickly and must be replaced. In this case, something like leather would be more durable and long-lasting.
  • Breathability
    The benefits of breathable material are far greater than most people realize. The small holes in such materials are designed for one purpose—to let water vapor out while allowing air molecules to get in. This increases the life of your piano keys as they need to breathe to stay in the best shape.
  • Water-Resistant
    This factor also depends on your lifestyle. If you like to drink during playing or have pets or kids who can accidentally knock a drink or even food, you better invest in a waterproof piano key cover.
  • Washable
    This is one of the most important points you must never forget when shopping for a piano or piano key cover. A cover collects dust, dirt, liquid, and other germs that need to be regularly washed. So, you must choose a material that is washable and does not lose its quality after washing.
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Warranty Matters

Piano key covers are usually inexpensive, but that does not mean you should get a product that does not come with a warranty. Anything can go wrong; you can receive a torn or wrong product, especially when buying a piano key cover online.

Brands that offer a product warranty are much more trustworthy. When you’re buying a piano cover, look for companies with warranties so that if anything goes wrong, it will be easy to get help and solve the problem.


Final Thoughts

Your piano is an expensive piece of equipment; you cannot change it often. So, you need to take care of your grand musical instrument in order to increase its life. For that, you need to protect the piano keys from different natural elements and occasional slips and accidents. What’s better than a quality-made key cover that not only protects it when not in use but also elevates the look of your space and piano aesthetic with the addition of some colors.

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