How Do I Protect My Piano From Dust?

How Do I Protect My Piano from Dust cover

A piano is a beautiful piece of furniture. However, like other furniture in a house, a piano also collects dust and gets dirty, requiring regular care to keep it in shape. Using piano covers, air purifiers, and regularly tending to your piano’s cleaning needs is how you can protect your piano from dust.

To keep your piano dust-free and practicable, we are going to simplify the most relevant tips and steps you can take to ensure your piano stays safe from dust. So, let’s begin piano cleaning 101.

Best Ways To Protect Your Piano From Dust

Dust particles come with air, and dust level varies depending upon the environment. Even with the piano lid closed, these dust particles tend to get in and settle on the soundboard 95% of the time, forming a whole colony of dust.

Dust is not only unpleasant to the eyes but also damaging to the piano mechanism. The sound of an acoustic piano is produced when the hammer contacts the string. If the piano components are dirty, the sound can get muffled with time.

Here is how to protect a piano from dust.

Use Air Purifier to keep the dust away​

In dusty environments, using an air purifier not only keeps the air clear for you but also your piano. So, consider purchasing an air purifier and use it in the same space as your piano to protect it from dust, and you will quickly start seeing the difference.

Air Purifier

Piano Covers for more protection

An easy and most effective method for keeping your piano clean is a piano and piano key cover. The cost of a piano cover is negligible, and in the long run, a piano cover saves from many future problems and even mitigates any of the upkeep costs that could occur due to dust.

To protect your piano from dust or dirt, follow the below instructions to keep the keyboard and piano finishes intact and clean.

Finishes for a shiny and clean piano

  • ­ Use a piano feather duster or gentle piece of cloth to lightly wipe off the dust from the surface.
  • Before using piano wax or polish, check with the shop where you bought the piano or a specialist piano store. Some varieties or brands of wax and polish may not be suitable for a certain piano finish.
  • Do not use chemical-infused wipes or cleaning agents that are not made for pianos, as their chemical formulations can damage the piano finish severely.

Keyboard surface without dust

  • ­ Using a soft cloth, carefully clean the piano keyboard surface (use different fabrics to wipe down the keyboard and piano finishes).
  • When there is dust on a piano keyboard, use a damp cloth in a thin solution with a neutral detergent, squeeze it out well, and use this cloth to clean away the dirt.
  • Don’t use any kind of alcohol such as rubbing or denatured alcohol as it can cause cracking to the keys on a piano.
Keeping Piano Dust-Free dust covers

Do And Don’ts Of Keeping Piano Dust-Free

  • ­ Do not put the piano outside or near an open window. Dust can coat the keyboard, potentially causing problems with the electrical components inside.
  • Place the piano away from a fireplace, as ash and dust would eventually get in and affect the electrical components.
  • Keep pets away from the keyboard. Pet cats are likely to jump on top of your keyboard, due to which their fur could get into the sensors and disrupt the electronic parts.
  • To remove dust from your keyboard, do not use a vacuum cleaner. This will damage your keyboard as small parts and screws can become loose over time.
  • Check the keyboard’s instruction manual/manufacturer’s notes for specific and acceptable cleaning methods.
  • Use a regular cotton cloth to wipe off the dust. Do not use a thinner as it can remove the print and even damage the (usually plastic) body.
  • Use a cotton swab to clean corners of the keyboard that a cloth cannot reach. It is the best way to clean a keyboard.
  • Most importantly, refrain from playing with dirty hands.

Final Words

Protecting and caring for your piano will go a long way to keep you from headaches and additional maintenance costs in the long run. So, follow the piano care instructions and use your piano carefully if you want to keep using it.

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