Are these translucent covers spill proof?

are these translucent covers spill proof? I need 3, is there a discount
for bulk order?

Yes the are.

All covers a a custom made production.

Yes we can make a discount.

Reagrds, Viktory team

Pro series needs quite a bit of ventilation

Be careful, the Pro series needs quite a bit of ventilation and has also vents on the surface (over the bus section i.e.. Heat is the death of electronics…it would be very unwise to cover those up with solid pvc…

You can always make some openings on the side or on the top if is needed. The decision is up to you, in which situation you apply and use the transparent cover or not. Viktory Team

What purpose does the transparent dust cover?

You can Leave the cover on the mixing console when you work with IPad.

You can press all buttons thru the flexible PVC cover.

You have bad weather and must work outdoor, than you have the rain protection and the console always under control.

Cover for MIDAS PRO2

Have you direct link for this clear cover for MIDAS PRO2?

The link in the store…/midas-pro-2-64-mixing-desk…/

About the ventilation system

Looks Great, but what about the ventilation system? Or it covers only top of the mixer?

Hello. Back side of the cover for use in the rack is open, for stand alone use is in the back side like a flap.