Should the logo be uploaded in the right color or should it be black (i.e. white logo on dark colors, black logo on light colors)?
When making your logos with the technique, cutting plotter of a foil which is then transferred with heat transfer it is important for us to have smooth corners and ends.
If you send us your logo in the color black on a white background, this is the best solution.
If your logo is in a different color, we will do it ourselves.
Is the logo only one color? And is that only black or white or are there other options?

In our offer is currently only the COLOUR WHITE FLEX FOIL.
Which also achieves the best effect on a black base.

But we can also produce a logo or text in other colors on request.

What file format should I upload, EPS, SVG or a different one?
You can upload different formats, best the original graphics from your graphic designer as PDF.
But you can also use other formats.
The main thing that the Graphic has a good quality and sharpness.
Where will the logo be placed on the cover?


If there are no other instructions or wishes the Logo or text will be placed in the middle of the top.