Everything You Need To Know About Turntable Covers

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A turntable is a beautiful piece that brings you melodious sound, styling any room with its distinctive look. You buy a vintage turntable or a modern digital piece; you cannot go wrong.
However, buying a turntable isn’t enough; you need to make sure you keep it protected, clean, and attractive. 

To do that, you need a quality dust cover to protect your turntable. 
A turntable cover or a dust cover increases the life span of your favorite turntable that you bought to bring in music and style to your home. After all, it helps to retain the value of your favorite piece at home.

What is a Turntable Cover?

  1. A turntable cover is simply a cover used for protecting your turntable, and it is not made or can be made of cloth, and it is because these two reasons:
    Your turntable disc cover has a specific size, dimensions, and detailed parts.
  2. Your disc cover has to be protected against dust and pollution (including liquids) strictly.

    An ordinary cloth or a wrap will not serve both purposes. You need something accordingly designed for your record playing piece. For that reason, a turntable cover can do wonders if bought of the right quality.

What areTurntable Dust Covers Made Of?

A quality turntable disc cover is made of durable material usually tested by the manufacturing labs and comes with the finest fit to the turntable.

There are different varieties of turntable covers you can find in the market. Most turntable dust covers are made of materials including acrylic, durable plastic, nylon, PVC, and glass in some cases. With the right design, these materials help provide ultimate protection to the turntables without paving the way for pollution, dirt, and grime to accumulate on the piece.

Here is a link to a presentation of materials suitable for protective covers for the turntables.

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How Does a Dust Cover Help You?

A turntable cover protects the record player from accidental dents, scratches, and the dirt that accumulates due to pollution in the air. Adding a dust cover to the turntable also provides ultimate protection to the player against dings and liquids, keeping it looking new and well-kept.

Not to forget, accumulated layers of dust affect the sound quality of your record player by getting inside its part. You can prevent this by purchasing a good quality dust cover for your turntable.

What To Look For In A Dust Cover For A Turntable?

There are many durable and sleek dust covers available in the market for your audio system. It is best to look for factors like durability, added features such as embroidery, and looks, among many other factors for consideration.

You can buy a hard or soft turntable cover, depending on your preference and the kind of protection you need. A hard one is made of heavy materials, while a soft cover is made of light-weight material that is easy for transportation. You can also get one that fits different players. Also, the covers are available in different colors.

How To Use A Dust Cover?

You can use your record player with the dust cover on. However, it is recommended to take the cover off while using your record player, as having a dust cover on while the record is playing can affect the sound quality. It is because dust covers are usually large hollow boxes with stiff sides, and they may also cause vibrations.

Therefore, when your player is not in use, you must keep the dust cover down to protect it against dust and other damaging elements. But when you are playing your believed sweet vinyl, it’s best to get the dust cover off to ensure the maximum sound quality.

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How To Clean A Turntable Dust Cover?

Cleaning a dust cover for a turntable is not tricky; however, you must be careful with the products and equipment you use along with force. Also, you need to consider the cover material when selecting products for cleaning the dust cover. Keeping your dust cover clean ensures longevity and neater appearance.

In most cases and generally, you can clean the dust off of a dust cover easily and effectively with a clean microfiber cloth. It is recommended to use a dedicated clean cloth as debris or dirt that may be caught in the cloth could damage or scratch the surface of your dust cover. It is also advised never to use abrasives, ammonia, or a brush to clean your dust cover. To remove fingerprints and other grime, you can buy a cleaner specific for your dust cover material and use a microfiber cloth.

Oh, and never wipe a dusty cover with a cleaner directly, or you will end up with micro scratches. Always lightly wipe the cover with a soft microfiber cloth to get rid of the dirt that can be dusted off.

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Protect Your Decks With These Turntable Dust Covers

We have presented you with some essential information about turntable covers and the different things you need to consider before getting one for your record player.
To make your life easier, here are some of the best turntable dust covers available that will keep your turntables looking and working like new, protecting them against pollution and scratches.

From hard dust covers with 600D polyester that is resistant to static force to lightweight ones, we have everything for you. Her you can order your custom made turntable cover.

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