Custom waterproof musician equipment covers

waterproof musician equipment covers

We all love music, don’t we? Musician equipment plays a massive role in getting that perfect harmonious melody that we call music. However, one thing about these pieces of equipment, for example, guitars, piano, keyboards, is that they require maintenance services for them to serve you for longer, and one way of doing so is by using equipment covers.

Why you should use a cover

One might wonder, why should I cover my equipment? Is that necessary? To make it easier for you to understand, below are some of the benefits of using covers:

• They protect your equipment from damage by debris such as dust and water
• They keep your instruments looking span even if you have owned them for a long time
• Some of them are designed to make carrying more manageable for you; this means that you can conveniently carry your equipment around while using the cover.


Want a unique cover? no problem!

There is a trend nowadays where musicians and instrument players use branded and customized covers for their equipment. Let’s say, for example, you are in the band. As we all know, band members have different instruments used for their music. It is not rare for you to find such instruments being branded with the same custom message. This, for one, creates uniformity among the group members and instruments. However, there is more to customization than just uniformity.

Not every instrument needs a cover. There are tons of companies out there making covers for various instruments such as:
• Orchestra and band instrument cases
• DJ turntable covers
• Drum cases
• Guitar covers
Keyboard and piano covers
Guitar amplifier covers

And if you can’t find a cover for your model? No problem, there are companies that make custom covers for your model.

For these covers and bags, there are different designs and exterior accessory options adopted by manufacturers to suit all the requirements of the customers, whether aesthetic or functional. For example, these customized equipment covers will be made of top-quality exterior materials such as ballistic nylon, canvas, leather, leather imitations, and such. The covers are even better if waterproof; they will keep any moisture away from your equipment.

What Are Turntable Dust Covers For

What are some other benefits?

Another good thing about these customized covers is that they can be a way of advertising yourself and your trade to the public. In fact, you can inquire about customization services from a designer who knows a thing or two about branding. They are in an excellent position to develop a customization design that makes a statement about who you are. For example, if the equipment belongs to an institution, the cover customization service can incorporate even the logo. This way, you will be miles ahead of your competition, standing out from them.

For the interior material, most covers feature soft and smooth materials that can go easy on the instrument. Most customized instrument covers have flocked fabric, vinyl, and velvet, as the main components of the interior.

Lastly, the covers are reinforced with interior storage and external accessories. For the interior storage, the cover can be divided into divider trays pockets, elastic straps, and die-cut foam. The external accessories include telescopic handles, zippers, loops, hooks, wheels, straps, buckles, and even pockets.

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Custom equipment covers are suitable not only for the safety of your equipment but for the branding and aesthetic value. Therefore, find one that perfectly suits you, and you will be good to go.

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