CASIO CDP 130 Electronic Piano Review

The piano keyboard designed by Casio known as CDP 130 is an outstanding product that has made quite a fame in the market.

No doubt Casio has many other keyboards but CDP 130 has its own charms. The CDP 130 piano offers a great start in the music field.

The piano was ideally designed for beginners and intermediate music artists to support them in their career growth. Casio has put a lot of effort into it.

The features that this piano has made a great demand in the market. The touch-sensitive and fully weighted keyboard support a successful musical pathway for the years to come.

Casio cdp 130 piano

Casio CDP 130 Electronic Piano Specifications

The keyboard itself has a unique design and a lot of salient features that make up its name. The important specs that casio cdp 130 includes are making it a huge success for Casio.

Specifications Details
Item name CASIO CDP 130
Weight 10.8kg
Dimensions 13.2*28.6*12.9 cm
Color Black / Gray
Number of keys 88 keys
Speaker count 2
Output voltage 16 watts
Proficiency level Beginner / Intermediate
Rating on Amazon 37 Ratings

Salient Features of CDP 130

The specs for Cdp-130 are doubt one of the best that can be offered. Further, a detailed discussion of specs will definitely be able to elaborate on the difference between CDP-130 and any other acoustic keyboard.

Compact Electronic Piano

The most important thing when buying a musical instrument kept in mind is that it must be easy to transport. A musician has to move from places to places for his performances and easy to transport equipment is preferred. Easy to transport instruments are a helping hand but most of the products have huge weight.

For this purpose, you have the right product at your hand. The CASIO CDP-130 is a lightweight piano that can easily be moved. Its dimensions are also favorable as it can easily fit in a car and can be moved from one place to the other in no time.

CDP 130 Piano Casio

The piano stand is a removable accessory that can be separated from the piano and transported easily. As it is a lightweight product it is preferred in the market more than compare to other products in the market making it a dominant product.

Color Variation

Musical instruments like a piano have much demand these days. Not only does the features count but the color is also taken in a major choice. Being a musician a dark color is preferred but if you are going to use the instrument at home you would really prefer a light shaded color.

For this convenience you really are at a great spot with this product as the CDP 130 comes in two color variants, Black and Grey.

CASIO CDP-130SR & CDP-130BK, Black & Grey Color Variations

Hammer Action Weighted Keys

Want to play the piano with the same effects as an acoustic piano but don’t have the budget to buy one? Well you can still have the experience of an acoustic piano if you have the right product at your hand.

Usually electric pianos don’t come with weighted keyboards because the computer inside is deciding the hammer string hitting pattern.

You want to buy an electric piano and have the same experience as an acoustic piano?

Then you have the right product at hand, the Casio Cdp 130 has hammer action keys that provide an acoustic piano effect that enables to enjoy the grand piano experience. The 88 keys that are fitted in the keyboard are all weighted keys to provide the best experience that this product can offer.

The CASIO Cdp-130 is recommended in the market as its keys provide the same sensitivity and experience as a grand piano offers. The heavy keys result in a gentle scaling too.

Hammer Action Weighted Keys - experience of an acoustic piano

Sound Quality

We all know when the talks are about a musical instrument the thing considered the most important of all is its sound quality.

The sound quality of a musical instrument is what defines the worth of that instrument. Better the sound quality better is the experience.

NotesThe best part is CASIO has its own sound technologies known as “Acoustic and Highly-compressed Waveform”.

The Casio musical instruments are almost all equipped with this technology. About the Casio CDP 130 sound quality is okay not as much good as a grand piano but it does make a sense as it is an electric piano it is equipped with dual AHL system so as per the ratings, reviews and details its sound quality is much good as compared to other electric pianos but not as good as a grand piano.

Polyphony and Tones

While buying a piano the best thing for a musician is its tone and polyphonies.

Polyphonies represent the high and low textures in the music and change it according to the desired way. Tones are also a necessary part of music while playing the piano.

Polyphony and Tones

The best part is that the CASIO CDP 130 has a total of 10 tones with 5 tones as a demo and supports up to 48 polyphonies. This makes it an ideal instrument to use.

Furthermore, these polyphonies help in recreating musical effects just as a grand piano. The piano also offers a hall button to create a genuine experience and recreate music like being played in a huge hall.


Whenever there is a talk about an electrical music instrument the thoughts come that being an electrical device it should have some more support option and guess what you are right.

Connectivity USB

The CASIO CDP 130 being an electrical instrument has some connectivity support. Being a basic plug and play keyboard it has a power port at its back.

Connect PianoNot only that it also has a pedal port a power port and a quarter-inch audio jack for headphones. So on the basis of connectivity this Is no doubt a top-notch product available in the market.

The output source of this piano is 16 watts that make it an ideal use-at-home device. The front panel of the piano also has some functional buttons that include the power button, the bass button, and a few more sound effects buttons.

The front panel also has a volume key. So if you are a night practice guy this product is especially for you as the volume option allows you to practice even at late hours without disturbing anyone else.

Touch Response

While buying a piano then the main aspect kept in mind is getting a great experience while playing it. The experience is pretty good for a grand piano but for electric instruments it becomes quite a difficult task to provide such a joyful experience.

Piano HandsIn this matter, Casio didn’t stay behind and its product Casio CDP 130 has been considered the best product as it has a touch response system with its keys.

The sound produced by the piano depends on the force with which the key is pressed. The touch response system is highly sensitive with 3 stage levels that make the experience of playing the piano worth the price.

Competency Level

When buying a musical instrument everyone has his own experience. Some are professional, some are beginners while some are intermediate. Everyone has his own set of skills and wants the best thing for their own skills. Similarly, when it comes to the case of a piano an expert will want a grand type piano.

While providing a grand type piano experience the CASIO Cdp-130 is not recommended to experts and professionals because no matter what it’s still an electric instrument that can make it feel like a grand piano but is not a real grand one.

Therefore, the CASIO CDP 130 has been widely recommended for beginners and intermediate.

Accessories for CDP 130 Electronic Piano

The CDP-130 comes with many other accessories that support its functioning. The piano has a unique design due to which it can also be supported on a unit table.

A pedal is also available with the piano keyboard that helps in creating a resonating sound enriching the experience. The piano also has an audio jack that supports a quarter-inch jack to support headsets, a special stand is also built by Casio especially for this piano.

For the power supply the piano has an AC source adaptor that keeps the voltage stabilized.

The average output of a CASIO Cdp-130 is 16 watts.

Comparing CASIO CDP 130 with other Best Selling Digital Pianos

CDP 130 CDP 130 88 Scaled Hammer Action Keys
10 HQ Tones
Good Sound
Reverb Effect, Hall and Chorus Digital Effects
48 Notes Polyphony
PXS 1000 88 Scaled Hammer Action Keys
Touch Controls
App Connectivity
AC/DC Power Support
Lightweight (25 Lb.)
PX160 PX 160 88 Great Sound
AiR Sound Technology
Hall Simulator, Reverb Effects
3 Year Warranty
WK245 WK 245 76 Touch Response Keys
Lesson Mode
Tone – 600
Rhythms – 180
Bright Display
LK190 LK 190 61 Light Up Keys
Light Lesson Mode
Tone – 400
Rhythms – 150
Dance & Reverb Effect
Great Speaker
CTK 2550 CTK 2550 61 Touch Response
Lesson Function
Tones – 400
Rhythms – 100
Chordana App
Dance/Music Mode
PX 870 PX 870 88 Scaled Hammer Action Keys
Detailed Resonance
Sound Projection Speaker
Key Slider Cover



  • Easy to transport
  • Affordable
  • Weighted keys
  • Tri-sensor technology
  • 10 tones
  • Great Key Action


  • Sound distorts on high volumes
  • Accessories are sold separately
  • Room for overall improvement in build quality
  • Not available in all the countries

CASIO CDP130 Conclusion

In the department of electrical musical instruments, the CASIO CDP-130 has its own place. The CASIO CDP 130 has salient features that make it a unique product in the market.

The specifications that the CDP 130 owns make it a unique brand in the market. Its demand is also made internationally. The piano can give a great experience just like a grand piano and its accessories also increase the quality of its sound and performance.

The CASIO CDP 130 no doubt has its own charms but it also has some defects in it. The major difficulty while buying this piano is that its accessories are sold separately which makes it difficult for the buyer as the separate prices make it a costly product.

Moreover, the piano itself can be improved by adding the latest features in it. Another demerit is that this product is not available in all countries.

The CASIO CDP 130 is no doubted one of the best electrical instruments that are available in the market. As it also provides the experience if a grand piano this product is suggested mostly for beginners and intermediate people.

It is a great contender to beat the price and quality that it offers. The CASIO Cdp 130 is a really recommended instrument when it comes to electrical musical instruments.